Silence and Dialogue – Christoph Eberhard

Silence and Dialogue – Christoph Eberhard

Raimon Panikkar once said “What I am about to say cannot be said. And it is because it cannot be said that it is worth trying to say it.” These words became a life long inspiration for Robert Vachon who devoted his life to intercultural dialogue as the scientific and publications director of the Intercultural Institute of Montreal. This link between words and what is beyond them, the space where they emerge from and the space to which they point to is also at the heart of my own journey between dialogue and silence.

I shared some insights on this link during a little conference at the Foundation for the Contemplation of Nature, in Majhkhali, in the Foothills of the Himalayas. What is silence? What is dialogue? How to listen? How to open up to ourselves, others, our environment and beyond? Good and beautiful silence and dialogue inspirations to you!

“Life is not a void to be filled. It is a plenitude to be discovered.” Christoph Eberhard

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