Stressful Training? How to Approach!

Stressful Training? How to Approach!

There are many strategies in training, especially in the Wudang training we can find ourselves stressed out very fast, it is all depending on our focus and concentration!

Here is a short story for achieving victory:

When the summer bird has a long way to travel south. Through the determination of trying to fly up a cliff – the bird may strengthen its wings to overcome its hardships of flying higher than ever before and achieving its dream to travel south before winter. There are many cliffs to fly over, but the bird prepared itself physically and mentally – there is no surprise ahead.

Wudang Academy Coaching

It goes both ways

It is hard for the master to trust his students, but only a successful master will trust – with trust comes the demand and with demand comes responsibility. In the end, a true master will always know the abilities of his students and will rely on them during training. This bond is shared and shows the great responsibility of each student for the San Feng family.

Believe in the master! – is believing in your abilities!

There is only a second place for those who are unwilling to learn, the first place is reserved for those who are determined. There are no surprises ahead, and the improvement of ourselves is not bound on a mere event or situation, it is a constant development – a race going up the hill – for nobody but yourself – only you will arrive there first as long you continue you will find yourself at the first place over and over again. This timeless racing is the doctrine of living diligently and with virtue.

“There is nothing too easy and too hard, as long as we do not overthink about both.”Master Ziji

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