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Ba Gua Zhang Basic Steps

This is the first video about Baguazhang! Master Ziji explains how to make a Bagua circle and the basic principles of the steps and the directions.

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Nei Gong: The Authentic Classic: A Translation of the Nei Gong Zhen Chuan

I can highly recommend this book to add to your internal studies. The content is for advanced practitioners and may be hard to understand for beginners, I found myself returning to this book multiple times to understand every time a little bit more. Nei Gong: The Authentic Classic, (Nei Gong Zhen Chuan) is an obscure text of unknown origin, yet it stands alone as the definitive text on internal energy and the generation of internal power. Hand… Read More

https://wudangacademy.tumblr.com/post/162386241745/wudang-ba-gua-dao Wudang Ba Gua Dao Check out the Wudang community on Tumblr! Go to Tumblr

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