Wudang Academy


Premium Ancient Pattern Steel Dao

Carefully crafted saber with hand coated copper fittings and tempered grade 100 pattern steel. It is a little too prestige for combat, and the steel is best for its durability, not hardness. Traditionally a Chinese saber was common to chip around the edge from blocking but keep the wielder protected, this is exactly what this premium saber is doing – the grade 100 steel is super resilient to chipping and breaking and… Read More

Shen Hirotaka Stainless Gong Fu Dao (Saber)

Shen Hirotaka is known for its long lasting quality! The fittings are nailed on the rosewood to give you a solid feeling. The saber blade is quite slim and elegant, giving you a nice gravity point which is very close to the guard. Available in eight sizes! Rosewood Stainless steel Semi-flexible blade Nailed fittings You may also like Modern Taiji Performance Jian (Sword) Premium Ancient Pattern Steel Dao Modern Competition Taiji Jian… Read More

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