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Master Ziji explains how to activate your energy and how to breath during the Qi Gong exercises.

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Master Ziji is visiting Shaolin Wahnam on 26th and 27th October. Register at: wahnam@operamail.comSee much more pictures on our Instagram channel! Go to Instagram You may also like Why Qi Gong is not understood in the West Martial Arts, Tai Chi & Qi Gong on Budget! Worth It? Basic Postures and Opening Energy Channels with Qi Gong – Five Animals Traditional Class – Basic Training Xuan Gong Dao Part 2 Wudang Martial… Read More

The standard stretching routines in the traditional Wudang schools demand high flexibility to improve ones internal power. Being flexible puts less strain on the body and relaxation becomes more efficient. This will prevent injury and establishes freedom in the mind. Freeing oneself from physical and mental blockades to prevent stagnation of energy.

The spelling Chi Kung (Wade & Giles) is outdated and was developed as a transcription around 100 years ago in Cambridge. Today we know how Chinese people emphasize and the current romanization is called Pinyin. It is also called Tai Ji instead of Tai Chi.

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