The Ultimate Guide to Daoist Health Cultivation

The Ultimate Guide to Daoist Health Cultivation

In the Daoist understanding, everything is interconnected. The five elements interact with each other and thus the cycle of creation and the cycle of destruction appear.

Our existence arises like the mountains, which are shaped by environmental influences.

Drawing of Huilingguan

Symptoms and prevention

Wudang Master Chen Shiyu Baduanjin

In the West, people are treated very simply because it is basically always about treating acute symptoms. If the condition is not acute, then it is better to deal with your own body. Daoist personal body hygiene is important to staying healthy and strong inside and out. But in the West, there is still the habit of responding to symptoms.

Self-cultivation and health prevention

Prevention is probably the wrong word for Daoists because they seek self-cultivation, and health is always above the status quo. When you realize that your own path is wrong and your health is deteriorating, it is time to do something. The best way to do this is to not focus on the symptoms but to find and follow the whole path. Since everything in your body is connected, the healthy parts will make up for the injured parts, and along the way, you will heal the injured parts faster, too.

Start your self-cultivation with Qi Gong!

Master Ziji is visiting Shaolin Wahnam on 26th and 27th October. Register at:

Master Ziji is visiting Shaolin Wahnam on 26th and 27th October. Register at: Ziji is visiting Shaolin Wahnam on 26th and 27th October. Register at:
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Taoism and Zhan Zhuang

Taoism and Zhan Zhuang

Zhan Zhuang, standing like a tree, most people just imagine it to be easy; However, Zhan Zhuang is one of the basic as well as the mastery exercises. Zhan Zhuang shows what you are missing.

Influence of the energy channels

Zhan Zhuang is only half as exhausting when the body has many blockages that cushion the very core of inner conflicts because these blockages primarily serve that purpose. The nesting of the self, like a snail, leads to many problems at all levels and is often supported as a protective function of one’s own imagination. Zhan Zhuang is the straightening of our frame of reference and shows us the straight path to the Self, a path of rest.

If the energy channels are not blocked and released, for example, by stretching, the inner conflict is immediately open and the Zhan Zhuang exercise becomes increasingly demanding.

People with many blockages start to sweat, this is not conducive and more like a transistor that converts energy into heat as a by-product. Who has free energy channels, does not sweat and maintains a natural heat balance, the mental sensitization, which is related to the resolution of the conflicts, increases. Therefore, Zhan Zhuang is experienced as more exhausting when done properly.

Learn to accept the calm

While keeping the spine absolutely calm, we feel as a spiritual and physical being. This being possesses a state of constant, any form of restlessness and fluctuating concentration is causing our universe to burst like a bubble.

We can only accept who we are, and Zhan Zhuang provides the knowledge of what to do.

Our breath, the energy that flows through our body, provides everything that we imagine. Those who do not consciously care for their body and mind get cold feet and stares into the fool’s box. Because even though we are rigid at first sight, with the tolerance of our will, every rock softens.

Me and Zhan Zhuang

The way of the Dao, is the way of ours is determined in the situation of absolute peace. Because only then is enough time to learn more about ourselves. The Daoists tell of a heavenly dictation. Who are we behind the mental and physical blockages?


Master Ziji tells:

On my long journey, I learned about Zhan Zhuang, while practicing Zhan Zhuang motivates me to be successful, to feel the freedom. Zhan Zhuang is a challenging exercise that touches me to this day, because nature knows no exceptions and no mercy. If you are looking for peace, Zhan Zhuang will not understand. Those who want to face his weak points will find peace.

Foreigners Iodine Deficiency in Wudang

Foreigners Iodine Deficiency in Wudang

During my training in Wudangshan, I found the first six months to be physically the hardest. As my body adapted to the training routine I frequently felt the following symptoms:

  • Tired muscles
  • Lack of drive
  • Powerless
  • Concentration weakness

Most of this symptoms originate from an iodine deficiency which results from sweating a lot. You should not forget that Chinese people eat fundamentally different food and in some cases, you might not be able to do the same. For me, I don’t like meat and fish as much, especially in China where fish is served differently and might disturb the digestive system. Our digestive system runs at full blast while we adapt to the hygienic conditions.

All of this results in mineral deficiency cause our body cannot change as fast, and we are unable to nourish our body properly.

The wrong solution which most foreigners do would be to eat more sugar, which is simply a drug that might ease the symptoms for a while. This behavior may result in a sugar addiction and will not solve the problem.

The right solution is the following: Eat food with lots of minerals, especially iodine. The number one minerals- and iodine-bearing food in Wudang is seaweed, there are many products and dishes with seaweed, and you might want to eat them daily. My first choice was vegetable soup with fresh seaweed in a restaurant in Wudang. Everything with vitamins and minerals is a good option. You should also adapt to eat the herbs and plants which are served very often in China as primary vitamin and iodine source.

You should feel a few hours later increase in concentration and power after you replenished your mineral batteries.

If your stay in Wudang is a very short-term or you plan to train like no tomorrow, then you might consider carrying an iodine solution with you for emergencies. Be careful not to overdose! If you feel the symptoms listened above very strong, you may want to take one or two drops of iodine solution with a cup of water once a day. I recommend to take them only for three days and find out if your condition improved, I do not recommend to rely on this supplement for too long since your body should be able to adapt to the situation.

Symptoms of iodine deficiency should not be ignored since this influences the function of your internal organs and the stability of your blood circulatory system.