The Beginning of Learning Dragon Style Sword

The Beginning of Learning Dragon Style Sword

Dragon Kung Fu is one of the oldest Kung Fu styles among the Daoists. The dragon itself is viewed as a creature free and unaffected by energy and time. Furthermore, since the dragon lives in the domain of heaven, he is immortal. The way of heaven leads the way of nature, and the way of nature guides the way of man. The Dragon is an inspiration for the Daoists in many ways.The dragon sword is the entry form for every student in Sanfengpai, not because it is the simplest form, but because the form contains all the essential principles for the Daoist sword style. However, the form is probably the hardest form for beginners as the movements need to be understood and cannot be retouched by complex movements. The clear execution of the movements is important for further developing sword techniques.

What do I need to know beforehand?

Required: Ji Ben Quan

Recommended: Xuan Gong Quan Series (1,2,3), Fu Hu Quan

Knowing all this forms the understanding of Long Hua Jian – the Dragon sword form becomes much easier.

Which sword do I need?

You need a sword with a flexible blade and a good balance point. Our school has several swords to choose from and they all work well for training this form.

Starting to Learn the Routine

The Long Hua Jian Routine is the traditional training routine for Daoists to cultivate the sword. The personality should be sincere and straightforward. During the routine, the mind and body must keep pace with the ideological ideas of the dragon. The longer you practice, the more you may become the dragon. The form is very physically demanding, and instead of fighting the movements, one should accept the difficulty of the positions and find the proper coordination and natural flow.

Authentic Qin Dynasty Jian

Authentic Qin Dynasty Jian

Authentic Qin dynasty sword which is crafted in prestige quality. The folded steel is forged in octahedral construction with a soft inner core and four side- and four front layers. The outer layers are tempered and hardened steel which is combat ready. The sword is from one of the pinnacles of Chinese sword craftsmanship, and this makes it almost too costly to use for actual combat exercises. Besides being a cultural treasure, this sword will outlive many generations. Please contact our support for blade length and desired configurations.

Our authentic sword series consists only of one-of-a-kind products with a tremendous amount of work, to give each sword the prestige quality that is very close to the historical originals. Each blade must be blunt to be able to ship it out of China, but every blade can be sharpened again by your local smith. Forging can take between three or six months. The prices are very tight calculated, the production of these swords are very costly, and this is a high-risk order for us which we still intend to do simply out of idealism. We always have the right to deny your order if we see your order is over our risk tolerance.

  • Authentic
  • Blackwood
  • Folded Steel
  • Combat ready blade (blunt shipping)
  • Customizable