Finding the Heart of Wudang

Finding the Heart of Wudang

When we see the swallows fly over our houses, we instinctively find a little more freedom in our heart. They glide with such elegance in the air and dance with their partners high up in the sky. It is a sign, of having a sincere heart when such good things visualize before our eyes. We are the sender and receiver of what we sow.  We live for the modality of such transcendence; it is our human nature to seek the truth within.

Walking in the Wudang Mountains is similar to this modal logic; I may reach this top of the hill just to find another top which is much higher. Finally, I realize the importance of the valleys and the lowest level of virtue. Reaching high is not essentially more complicated than stepping in the lowest valley. Away from this three dimensions, all paths are the same when we ignore the distance I may enjoy the current moment without worries; I am on the way.

In nature, there is no such thing as elegance, only purity. We define elegance when we see purity. That is why we find Taiji movements elegant when they coordinate with nature. Coordination with nature can be referred as the balance between Yin and Yang. We feel the subtle definition between those extremes, the path of tranquility; this is referred as silk thread balancing along this indescribable condition of eternity. When truth crystallizes, we find straight lines in-between; walking the path of our human nature.

We all strive for the eternal condition, yet we start living at birth and die old. What we realize is that the location called Wudang might be the very definition of life experience. When you focus, you may change the outside subconsciously. The so called immortality is like a rain drop, the acceleration to earth is not defined by itself but defined by nature. When we see the moment to become eternal, we gain immortality in an instant, but at the same time, we strive for improvement and change. We are inferior to nature and living is always a tolerance between absolutes.

It is foolish to say to enjoy each breath, but breathing is the way of human life. It is comfortable to breathe, and it differs from each location and situation. At this very moment, we grab the source of power and become apparent in our consciousness. It makes us able to define the Yang power.

I am conscious that is the pure awareness of my intuition, so I am living intentional with each breath and subconsciously live in harmony with nature.

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The essence of Daoism is untough of all necessities and stares at the one truth from which all things are created. Wudang will not appear to you as beautiful but as a complete view of the fundamentals. During our practice, we strive sincerely to achieve and fail. Failing is as important as achieving to learn the value of the answer.  Achieving our goal is a given opportunity from heaven to learn our low place, we were already finished with our ideas and are satisfied, yet the whole thing is far from complete.

Ironically, I understand the behavior of the Dao, and this is why we all follow our subconsciousness. That no matter what appearance might reveal in front of you, Wudang is a way of the heart, inscribed in the very soul. I have only gained opportunities, so there is nothing to lose, that is how rich the Dao is based on the fundamentals of nature. Practice sincerely with your whole heart, do not accept half-heartily the half truth, when we put in our effort we receive the message of our behavior, only you are the judge if that is a lost or new opportunity. Correcting the balance of our world is what is desperately needed to achieve harmony with others. The way of Wudang knows no compromise or other definition, then accepting the whole being – the whole self, and embrace the whole with all that’s good and bad. The bad is a reliever of misery pointing out what is missing, and the good is a way to move forward but would not be known without the opposite.

No matter where you are, live Wudang in your heart and practice to become aware of each moment, gain the whole truth and realize what is important to you. Define yourself and give guidance to those who need it. That is the way of the Dao and the only message that will continue to reach through generations and enrich everyone with the wisdom of nature – the principle of Wuwei.

Sincerely your Master Ziji

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality – Wuxia Light Novel

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality – Wuxia Light Novel

A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality (凡人修仙传) – Index

Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Romance, Xianxia, Chinese
Author: Wang Yu (忘语)
Status: 2446 Chapters (Complete)
Translator: Doubledd


A poor and ordinary boy from a village joins a minor sect in Jiang Hu and becomes an Unofficial Disciple by chance. How will Han Li, a commoner by birth, establish a foothold for himself in in his sect? With his mediocre attitude, he must successfully traverse the treacherous path of cultivation and avoid the notice of those who may do him harm. This is a story of an ordinary mortal who, against all odds, clashes with devilish demons and ancient celestials in order to find his own path towards immortality.

Extra Info: Ranked 1st out of the thousands of novels on Qidian by recommendations, “A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality” will draw readers in with an epic tale of deception, betrayal, and love.

Deathblade from Wuxiaworld and Lingson has been so kind as to translate the Qidian charts that list the “top 50 all time most popular novels according to ‘recommendations.’ These are basically recommendations from unpaid users (书友推荐).”

Magic Power in RMJI


Volume 1 – The Seven Mysteries Sect (1-99)

Chapter 1 – The Village by the Forest
Chapter 2 – Green Ox Town
Chapter 3 – Seven Mysteries Sect
Chapter 4 – Bone Refining Cliff
Chapter 5 – Doctor Mo
Chapter 6 – Nameless Oracular Formula
Chapter 7 – The Difficulties of Cultivating
Chapter 8 – Entering the Sect as a Disciple
Chapter 9 – Way of the Armored Elephant
Chapter 10 – Mysterious Bottle
Chapter 11 – Difficult to Open Bottle
Chapter 12 – Breaking the Bottle
Chapter 13 – Strange Phenomenons
Chapter 14 – Mysterious Liquid
Chapter 15 – Four Years Later
Chapter 16 – Little Abacus
Chapter 17 – Senior Disciple Li (1)
Chapter 18 – Senior Disciple Li (2)
Chapter 19 – Battle in Jiang Hu
Chapter 20 – Essence Extraction Pill
Chapter 21 – Painkilling Medicine
Chapter 22 – Qigong Deviation
Chapter 23 – Tests
Chapter 24 – A Panicked Decision
Chapter 25 – Interference of Success
Chapter 26 – Medicinal Student
Chapter 27 – Creating Legendary Elixirs
Chapter 28 – Doctor Mo Returns
Chapter 29 – Rising Conflict
Chapter 30 – A Hero’s Final Road
Chapter 31 – Insect Corpse Pill
Chapter 32 – Heroic Spirit
Chapter 33 – Private Exchange
Chapter 34 – Blinking Sword Art
Chapter 35 – Theft of Secret Manuals
Chapter 36 – Shocked
Chapter 37 – Three Restrictions for Cultivation
Chapter 38 – Encountering a Midnight Spy
Chapter 39 – Abnormal Requirements
Chapter 40 – Origin of the Secret Technique
Chapter 41 – Leaving a Message on a Night’s Departure
Chapter 42 – Cloudwing Bird
Chapter 43 – Fully Prepared
Chapter 44 – Antidote
Chapter 45 – Sneak Attack and Bared Teeth
Chapter 46 – Cleaving a Body with One Blow
Chapter 47 – Demonic Silver Hand vs Shifting Smoke Steps
Chapter 48 – Lies
Chapter 49 – Hidden Within Concealment
Chapter 50 – Aromatic Coiling Silk
Chapter 51 – Giant Man Displays his Might
Chapter 52 – Seven Ghost Devouring the Soul
Chapter 53 – Handsome Man
Chapter 54 – Soul-Lock Talisman
Chapter 55 – The Third Person
Chapter 56 – Battle of the Light Globes
Chapter 57 – Body Awakening, Enemy Perishing
Chapter 58 – Immortal Cultivator
Chapter 59 – The Three Big Inviolable Rules
Chapter 60 – Poison Test
Chapter 61 – Destroying the Spirit
Chapter 62 – Deal
Chapter 63 – True Appearance
Chapter 64 – Crooked Soul
Chapter 65 – Medicinal God Han Li
Chapter 66 – Eccentric Rule
Chapter 67 – Fireball Technique
Chapter 68 – Poisoned
Chapter 69 – Li Feiyu and the Young Lady
Chapter 70 – Instigation
Chapter 71 – Pure Spirit Powder
Chapter 72 – Removing Poison
Chapter 73 – Li Feiyu’s Thoughts
Chapter 74 – Imperial Flight Technique
Chapter 75 – Using Magic Techniques
Chapter 76 – Negotiations and Eruptions
Chapter 77 – Countermeasure
Chapter 78 – Forest Massacre
Chapter 79 – Questioning
Chapter 80 – Encountering the Enemy
Chapter 81 – Jia Tianlong
Chapter 82 – Monk Golden Light
Chapter 83 – A Huge Pitfall
Chapter 84 – A Tremendous Battle
Chapter 85 – Bloody Battle, Death Contract
Chapter 86 – A Sudden Change
Chapter 87 – Prominent Skill
Chapter 88 – Golden Light Barrier
Chapter 89 – Spear and Shield
Chapter 90 – Flying Sword?
Chapter 91 – Stealing Treasure
Chapter 92 – Sword Talisman
Chapter 93 – Raging Flames Burning the Enemy
Chapter 94 – Complete Victory
Chapter 95 – Demonic Name Resounding Famously
Chapter 96 – Flaw
Chapter 97 – Backhand Transaction
Chapter 98 – Return to the Village
Chapter 99 – Departure

Volume 2 – The First Steps on the Path of Cultivation (100-171)

Chapter 100 – Jia Yuan City
Chapter 101 – Troubles Brought Upon by Riches
Chapter 102 – Murder on Arrival
Chapter 103 – Subdue
Chapter 104 – Information
Chapter 105 – Shocking News
Chapter 106 – Blue-Clothed Man
Chapter 107 – Mo Yuzhu
Chapter 108 – Entering the Mo Estate at Night
Chapter 109 – A Visit
Chapter 110 – Fox
Chapter 111 – Beautiful Woman
Chapter 112 – Hidden Message
Chapter 113 – Winding Fragrance Pill
Chapter 114 – Yan Ge’s Infatuation
Chapter 115 – A Startling Change
Chapter 116 – Falling Out
Chapter 117 – Reconciliation
Chapter 118 – Choose One
Chapter 119 – Unexpected Information
Chapter 120 – Scheming to Seize a Gang
Chapter 121 – Clear River Brothel
Chapter 122 – Kill by Poison
Chapter 123 – Business Deal
Chapter 124 – Fengwu
Chapter 125 – Plans
Chapter 126 – Great South Mountain, Great South Valley, and a Youth
Chapter 127 – Knowledge on Spiritual Roots
Chapter 128 – Great South Small Meeting
Chapter 129 – Daoist Master Qingyan
Chapter 130 – Becoming a Member
Chapter 131 – Spirit Stones and Spirit Talisman
Chapter 132 – The Harvest
Chapter 133 – Thieving Skills
Chapter 134 – Great Immortal Ascension Assembly
Chapter 135 – Frightening News
Chapter 136 – Yan Clan
Chapter 137 – Golden Sincerity Brush
Chapter 138 – The Skill of Creating Talismans
Chapter 139 – Destroyed Magic Treasure Fragment
Chapter 140 – Determination to Win
Chapter 141 – Writ of Immortal Ascension
Chapter 142 – Attack to Kill
Chapter 143 – Beheading
Chapter 144 – Dispute over a Foundation Establishment Pill
Chapter 145 – The Unexpected Guest
Chapter 146 – Closing a Deal
Chapter 147 – The Particulars Within The Valley
Chapter 148 – Old Man in Gray
Chapter 149 – Chores
Chapter 150 – Reluctant Consent
Chapter 151 – Hundred Medicine Garden
Chapter 152 – Two Years Later
Chapter 153 – Yue Lu Hall
Chapter 154 – Elder Xu and the Scripture Storage
Chapter 155 – Depression
Chapter 156 – Earth Lung Fire
Chapter 157 – Murong Brothers
Chapter 158 – Blue-clothed Woman
Chapter 159 – Spiritual Medicines of Heaven and Earth
Chapter 160 – Forbidden Trial by Blood and Fire
Chapter 161 – Market City
Chapter 162 – Ten Thousand Treasures Store
Chapter 163 – Brocade Treasure Box
Chapter 164 – The Secret of the Treasure Talisman
Chapter 165 – Night Encounter
Chapter 166 – Savage
Chapter 167 – Fierce Battle (1)
Chapter 168 – Fierce Battle (2)
Chapter 169 – Fierce Battle (3)
Chapter 170 – Spoils of the Battle
Chapter 171 – Return

More Chapters…

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