The Basics for Every Wudang School

The Basics for Every Wudang School

The foundation of martial arts is very similar to Shaolin, except that Shaolin focuses more on external strength and Wudang on internal strength. Hence the movements come from the core and not from arm or leg strength; the highest goal to achieve is maximum power in the punch.

A strong foundation is important because all Gong Fu styles build upon basic strength and flexibility. Through the practice of the Mabu-Punch routine, one can achieve great strength in the stance and high flexibility in the hip and lower back.

Since the beginning of martial arts in China, the Mabu is an integral part of strength training. Simultaneously, the practice is challenging one’s ego and willingness to learn; if one can endure the training in Mabu, the mind is without aggression and can endure any hardship.

Here in the following video, Master Ziji is explaining the Mabu-Punch basic routine for all Sanfengpai schools:

Basic Gong Fu Exercises for Beginners

Basic Gong Fu Exercises for Beginners

The basic exercises are important before you dig deeper in the Wudang Tai Chi and Kung Fu exercises. They promote health, flexibility and strength training for beginners.

Mǎ Bù = horse stance

Gōng Bù = bow stance

Xiē Bù = resting stance

Pǔ Bù = flat stance

Xū Bù = empty stance

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