How Split Benefits Your Tai Chi Practice

How Split Benefits Your Tai Chi Practice

The Requirements of Traditional Gong Fu

Back in the days, old Chinese Gong Fu masters used to say that for achieving old age, one must do three things daily:

  • Handstand
  • Bridge
  • Split

These three exercises have two things in common:

  • Improve microcirculation
  • Maintain elasticity to promote the microcirculation

What does microcirculation mean?

The major circulation goes through the five major organs; if this circulation ceases, you practically die. Microcirculation is all the delicate parts like your toes, fingers, and joints, parts that are harder to reach and are only well-nourished when your body has the energy to do so.

Preserving energy

The split is helping us to reduce the resistance of our circulation and the body has an easier time nourishing all parts of the body. The elasticity of our body is very important to maintain a good and healthy condition.

Can I still do a split with 50+?

The short answer is: Yes, definitely! Practicing the split itself always has health benefits, even though you might not reach a full horizontal split soon. You will feel different once the hip becomes more elastic no matter what age. The hip is our largest energy main joint, and once the body has lesser resistance to circulate through your hip, you have the energy for other parts.


It is very important not to be too ambitious in the beginning. In my experience, most students hurt themselves if they ignore their current physical condition. Make sure that you follow our stretching guide to prevent injury!

Working with Energy (Tai Chi)

Once the body has more energy, the Tai Chi practice also becomes fundamentally different. Once the circulation goes easier through the body, the fine tissue has less resistance, and hence strong positions become like bamboo, flexible and yet still without getting tired. With stretching, we can focus on what is important in Tai Chi.

How to practice correctly

We have an extensive Tai Chi program in our online school. For beginners it is recommended to start with Tai Chi 28 steps, this will train you in flexible positions and how to work with high stances without using too much effort. With the right degree of concentration and flexibility the Wudang Tai Chi becomes authentic in its practice!

Start learning Wudang Tai Chi now!

How to Achieve a Perfect Split in Seven Days

How to Achieve a Perfect Split in Seven Days

In this post, I want to tell you about my story of how I achieved a perfect split in just seven days. During my education in Wudang, I was required to do the split or my journey would have come to an abrupt end. Achieving a split is absolutely necessary for lineage holders in San Feng Pai. I was required to accomplish the split in three months!

This post is telling a real story of how I achieved my split in seven days!

What are we trying to achieve?

perfect split

The real Wudang split is when you are standing, and you slowly spread your legs and “sit” on the ground. Both feet are still on the ground like standing, this posture is better for your knees and will reduce the pressure in the joints.

  • Get shoes with a flat sole! The sole should be as thin as possible to make your practice easier.

Prepare yourself for the perfect split!

The most common problem is that people have a fear of themselves. We are always looking for doctors or other professionals to take that responsibility from us. Once in your life, you should be prepared to take the lead in “exploring” yourself, breaking your limits and overcome your fear.

How I was before:

I practice martial arts since I am thirteen years old, but I never achieved a split before. My best split was 15 centimeters above the ground. The pain was there, and I was waiting for the pain to come when I was trying my split, preventing me from going lower. I thought I was flexible but nowhere near the requirements of a traditional Wudang school.

I put pressure on myself

I made a deal with my Shifu Yuan Xiu Gang and my older Gong Fu brother Xiao Yun. I told them in advance that I will achieve the split not in three months but in seven days. I told them another condition of my deal that I will not participate in the daily training during these seven days. The first impression from both felt a little angry and disappointed, and if I fail to do the split in seven days, there would be consequences. Thinking back I do not know what convinced me that I would actually be able to keep my promise to achieve a perfect split.

This was my schedule:

I woke up very early and practiced four times for fifteen minutes the split. I put both of my feet on a slippery matt to make it easier to separate my legs. I continued this interval training after lunchtime and in the evening. All in all, I repeated these intervals for one hour up to four times throughout the day.

Instead of doing it slowly, I was constantly pushing myself lower, rocking up and down to become lower every time. But I did not see any improvement after 4 days! During these days I could not sleep, I had a lot of pain in my hip, and I was hitting my mental and physical limits. Walking felt good and painful at the same time.

  • Rock up and down during your split
  • Do not sit or stay still, walk a lot!

I tried to avoid any kind of compression since I felt this was counterproductive. Try to avoid sitting and resting for a too long time, every time I did that my body would automatically become stiffer and try to become “tighter” in my hip.

After the sixth day, I was finally able to hit the ground, the change came very sudden like turning off a switch. From this time on I could always do the split, no matter what condition I am in.

What really changed:

I do not think that I changed much physically, instead, I believe it was more of a mental change. In this week the seventh day came closer and closer, giving me a tremendous amount of pressure. I prepared myself for five years to study finally in Wudang, and I would not want that to end all of a sudden, I came to Wudang to become number one. So taking my words back was not an option and during the last two days, I did not care anymore about what happens to me physically. In this second my body could relax, and I felt absolutely no pain when I accomplished the split! I understood the concept of internal conflict for the first time. From this moment on I feel like having a switch, which I can turn on to make my body relax instantly under stress.

Last words for those who want to try

Trying out is the wrong word, when you attempt this you must be determined to succeed. As I made my decision I was not even thinking, I had no time to think and I responded instinctively, but I knew exactly why I was here and what I want to achieve. Failure has never been an option when it comes to Wudang martial arts, if you want to be the best your mind must be endurable and your body flexible. Become self-responsible and learn to know your mind and body.