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The theory consists of the building blocks of yin and yang. We need both to take our self into our own hands. Those who have never been busy realizing their dreams can hardly remain calm. Taiji is a practice-oriented exercise to clarify the natural process. We are no exception here – none of us.

In contrast to the heavenly beings of Taoism, man, who lives according to his nature, is forever bound to the sequences, the ups, and downs, of this nature. This path is characterized by the tolerance of the inevitable, it is the path that shows us our purpose: to be in harmony with ourselves.

Lotus Background

What prevents us from logic thinking and pure action? The monkey mind is an often discussed topic in China and grew familiar with legends like Wukong (the monkey king). This term originated from Chinese history and can also be found in Zen and Buddhism. The monkey mind as a psychological term originated from Taoism. Monkey Mind in the Western World Without meditation or other internal arts, the monkey mind is bound to be… Read More

The most important thing people can do in life, Laozi asserts in the Tao Te Ching and other works attributed to him, is to gain a state of silent awareness — to open the mind to its source: Become totally empty Quiet the restlessness of the mind Only then will you witness everything unfolding from emptiness See all things flourish and dance in endless variation And once again merge back into perfect emptiness— Their… Read More

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Master Yuan Xiu Gang talks here about various things concerning common questions in Daoism and internal martial arts. Enjoy the following videos: Category: General Discussion Write a Comment

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Wudang is merely a modern name for the immortal spirit of hard work. Once we embark the journey to self-cultivation, we find ourselves in Wudang, and this is why we ask many questions today. First, we must ask ourselves about what is pure. Purity must be the dedication to self-commitment when looking into the mirror. Determined about ourselves, we look inside our souls. We learn to respect ourselves, not to abuse our health and well-being. We find… Read More