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The body and mind are deeply connected. We need many things to work efficiently. Some theories are mostly very fragmented and do not explain the whole universe of these principles.  If one portion of our primary needs is not satisfied, we lack energy or cannot use it efficiently. The Daoist understanding is to reflect on nature and understand what we really need. The natural principles lay the playground for the way of… Read More

After our Qi Gong courses are so well attended. The Wudang Academy would like to offer a small intensive seminar. 28th-29th March Relearn Qi Gong Most have heard of Qi Gong somewhere or have been to a Qi Gong school. The knowledge of the Wudang Academy is unique in Europe and is one of the best Qi Gong schools internationally. Every year thousands fly to Wudangshan to learn Qi Gong properly. With… Read More

Master Ziji explains how to improve breathing and stretching with the five animal Qi Gong exercises.

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Sleeping is not the same as sleeping, it depends on how you sleep, where and when. In Daoist doctrines, it also matters in what mental and physical condition you sleep. While you can sleep at the same place and time; under different physical and mental conditions, the effect of sleeping varies. What is Sleep? Sleep for Daoists is a moment of regeneration, a time to let go, not thinking anything and go… Read More

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