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Basic Sanda training is inspiring for all! . Deep within our heart, there is the desire to achieve great things, even if they appear as small from the outside they can move mountains within our dreams. When dreams move humans, they attain great inspiration to change the world. This thrive is vital for realizing ourselves, and once we touch the surface of this ocean, we are engulfed by the whole universe. Only… Read More

Wudang Combat Training - Sanda

Rhythm plays an important role in Sanda: if you train the rhythm, you can apply hits and combinations faster, while at the same time you become aware of the opponent’s rhythm. In the Sanda training, you learn how to overwhelm your opponent, the attacks come from as many sides as possible at the same time, a spontaneous change of direction is possible at any time. The traditional Sanda steps are designed so that the opponent can be moved or dodged in any direction.

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