Yuan Xiu Gang Taiji Seminar in Vienna

Yuan Xiu Gang Taiji Seminar in Vienna

The grandmaster of our academy is coming to visit us in Vienna! During 20th-22th September 2019, he will hold a seminar focusing on the Wudang Taiji and Daoist philosophy.


Grandmaster Yuan Xiu Gang leads an elite school in Wudangshan and highly regards strict training schedule, self-discipline, and Daoist practice. You can read more about Yuan Xiu Gang’s background and his school in Wudang.


The life improvements of the Wudang San Feng methods can help everybody in all ages to personally develop in self-understanding oneself physically and mentally. While nature is self-explaining and rather simple, the problems people have in their everyday-lives are often hard to overcome. The understanding of the Dao is important for people who follow nature, and so this workshop aims to develop the method and understanding of Daoism.


Taiji is the principle of Yin and Yang and originates from the Daoist understanding of nature. Grandmaster Yuan Xiu Gang will explain techniques and methods and how to practically use them.

Daodejing refers to the wisdom of Laozi and the foundation of Daoist understanding. The practice is the most important part of our Daoist philosophy, and Grandmaster Yuan Xiu Gang is aiming to make specific aspects in the Daodejing clear for our western understanding.

Schedule 20.09 – 22.09

  • The first training session will start at 20.09.2019 Friday evening at 18:00 – 20:00.
  • Saturday will consist of a morning class between 9:00 – 11:00 and an afternoon class between 13:00 and 15:00.
  • Sunday will have the same schedule as Saturday.


This seminar is practically two days and a half and conveys a comprehensive understanding of Taiji and Daoist culture.

The seminar has room for a maximum of 15 participants.

Price: 350 Euro

Requirements: Taiji or Daoist clothing

For participating please contact us in the form below: