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We had a great experience at Shaolin Wahnam Frankfurt. The first day consisted of the basics of understanding the internal arts principles as well as learning the complete Xuan Gong Quan Yi Lu form. During the second day, we did Wu Xing Qi Gong and Tai Ji Cloud Hands. You may also like Wudang Travel Group 2017 Happy New Year and Workshops The Training Path of the Daoists Taming the Tiger –… Read More

Master Ziji is visiting Shaolin Wahnam on 26th and 27th October. Register at: wahnam@operamail.comSee much more pictures on our Instagram channel! Go to Instagram You may also like Martial Arts, Tai Chi & Qi Gong on Budget! Worth It? Basic Postures and Opening Energy Channels with Qi Gong – Five Animals Why Qi Gong is not understood in the West Wu Xing (Five Animal) Qi Gong Class – 21.10.2017 Start Your Day… Read More

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