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  • Basic Sword Techniques

    Basic Sword Techniques

    Master Ziji is explaining basic sword handling methods for the counter, cut, and blocking. The methods are explained step by step and in high detail.

  • The Swordsmanship of Wudang Style

    The Swordsmanship of Wudang Style

    The swordsmanship is one of the features of the Wudang school,” says Chen Shiyu, inheritor of the Taoist kung fu in Wudang style. “The sword is considered as ‘king of weapons’. It has a sense of elegance.

  • The Wudang Sword Art

    The Wudang Sword Art

    Wudang is world famous for his masterly sword art. The calm and serenity needed to control energy and power is an important hallmark of Wudang Sword Art and a result of years of intense training.