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In the headquarters of the Wudang Academy in Vienna, there is a new beginner course on the topic of Tai Chi. Tai Chi has a high learning curve and it is difficult for beginners to get into this topic. Date: 6th-7th June 2020 Tai Chi changes us on a physical and neurological level. What is important: Tai Chi gives us a new level of freedom. Tai Chi enables us to work on… Read More

In Wudang, Tai Chi is a very structured practice which is lead step by step to achieve accomplishments, yet when you ask the student why do you practice Tai Chi? What do you think is the reason? The reason why we practice Tai Chi Tai Chi was meant to learn about oneself, to learn self-cultivation. People believe Tai Chi should be relaxing – which is not entirely true because one needs to… Read More

Before I started Tai Chi and Qi Gong training, my physical condition was so bad that I basically saw only two options: either I hang myself and give in to the pain and physical decay, or I catch myself and fight for a more vital body and keep my zest for life.

The professional Tai Chi School in Vienna

Relaxation must be learned because our everyday life consists of exhausting activities and we were conditioned to maximize performance. The consequences are burnout and many other health problems. But this is the content that you read on many other websites of Tai Chi schools as well because it is the absolute mainstream that is perceived by consumerism.

Tai Yi - Advanced Tai Chi Technique

If you can relax well, you have the power to bring the body to a maximum, so that the body appears superhumanly strong and fast. It is the art of how Daoists can overwhelm stronger enemies and redirect energies. A high degree of self-control is required and the training in Tai Yi needs a clear mind, determination and a lot of patience to learn from the failed attempts. Once the force comes through the definition in the interior is important to optimize the body targeted.

Master Chen Shiyu in Vienna

Hold your horses here! If you want a traditional school, you have found it! It is not usual in traditional schools to tell you everything from the beginning. Why should the master even teach you? Just because you paid a lot of money? That is not how tradition works in China. In the San Feng lineage, one must prove himself to be of good personality and dedication to the lineage to improve oneself. Whining about your lessons by demanding it will not help you when the master has no interest in teaching you that may be a sign to get your “things” (almost said a bad word) together.

San Feng Tai Ji Jian (Tai Chi Sword) Episode 2

Master Ziji explains the famous Wudang San Feng Ta Chi Sword in this in-depth tutorial. Each section is shown from different angles and repeated multiple times. This is the second episode of a full series and will provide you with weeks of training until you are ready for the next episode.

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Self-Conflict in Internal Arts

What really is a problem to us are our boundaries, the chains we set ourselves. Believing in one thing is not enough we must explore to know. When the strength is leaving our body, we get out of our comfort zone, and our concentration drops. Battling with ourselves to the limits will give rise to an internal conflict. Letting go of our ego and accept failure will resolve all problems we have… Read More

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