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Tai He Quan Part 4

太和拳 Tài Hé Quán Supreme harmony fist View this post on Instagram Master Chen Shiyu Standing meditation A post shared by 魏懋资济 (@wudang.academy) on Nov 7, 2018 at 11:07pm PST 1. 無極式 Wú Jí Shì Stillness posture 2. 氣清上升為天 氣濁下沉為地 Qì Qīng Shàng Shēng Wéi Tiān Qì Zhuó Xià Chén Wéi de Clear Qi rises to form heaven, muddy Qi sinks to form the earth 3. 懷抱太極 Huái Bào Tài Jí Holding… Read More

Tai He Quan Part 1

Master Chen Shiyu shows us the first part of the Tai He Quan form.

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