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These two chapters are important for understanding the master’s ambition. It is a common mistake to question what is not understood under the rule of heaven. The experience or so the Jade that is described in chapter 70 is why and how the master chose this path for his students to follow.

I experienced that many westerns think different about Daoism or have a different idea of what Daoism should be. Here I want to address some of the common misunderstandings westerners mostly have about Daoism.

谷神不死 是謂玄牝

“The valley spirit does not die, it is called the invisible mother.”

玄牝之門 是謂天地根

“The gate of the invisible mother is the root of heaven and earth.”

綿綿若存 用之不勤

“Formless but appears to exist, use it and it never depletes.”

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The swordsmanship is one of the features of the Wudang school,” says Chen Shiyu, inheritor of the Taoist kung fu in Wudang style. “The sword is considered as ‘king of weapons’. It has a sense of elegance.

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Master Ziji - Michael Weichhardt - Wudang Academy

Xuan Wu Quan is also known as Liang Yi Quan in Taoist language. It is the simplest form that has a distinct Wudang feeling, but the form is one of the more advanced contents and requires years of training.

Looking at the elegance and grace of Wudang masters may be a great inspiration to us, but it is a great step to truly learn from this inspiration for our life.

The exercises of the Daoists promote longer life and also support physical health. In silence and in meditation, calmness is practiced, with the qigong and tai chi exercises, all necessary channels are opened and released, so that the energy can flow and the body remains vital. If the shell of our mind – the body – is strong and healthy, the mind can spread more easily. Then the body can better tolerate the silence.

Master Chen Shiyu Philosophy Tai He Quan

There is only one Dao, images are empty shells that deviate from the origin. Every drop of the great whole ocean contains a reflection of our self. So we find ourselves in other people and recognize in them our own conflicts. If we then try to “help” these people by trying to solve our inner conflicts in others, that just can not be good. This will be a serious problem if we have never realized who we are.

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Sifu Ziji (Michael Weichhart) stretching. . This stretching routine works on your hip mobility, your hamstrings and your quadratus lumborum, a deep abdominal muscle often severely tightened by sitting too long. Stretching (dynamic and static) constitutes a daily Taoist practice. The goal is to become as unrestricted in our movements as a five year old child. . . #stretching#stretchit#mobility#wudangonlineschool#internalmartialarts#kungfu#wudang#wudangsanfengpai#martialarts#taoism#daoism#yinyang#wuwei#health#chinesemartialarts#traditionalkungfu#mindfulness#discipline#martialartslife#fitstagram#fitness#selfcultivation#ziran#heavenearth#xuanwu#longevity#wushu#followwudang#motivation#inspirationSee much more pictures on our Instagram channel! Go to Instagram You may also… Read More

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