Get the Fastest Internet Speed in China & other foreign countries

Get the Fastest Internet Speed in China & other foreign countries

Hello everybody! Because of the coronavirus, our seminars are canceled for the time being, and so are our local classes. But as a Taoist, there come new opportunities with every situation.

Today I want to write about a topic that has kept me thinking for a very long time. Basically, when I was in China, I had to get high internet speeds and a reliable rendering computer for all the videos I was making in Wudangshan. The following post is interesting when you need the following points:

  • Have a high-end spec Computer that can do anything on a cloud. There is no need to bring a reliable computer with you when you travel.
  • Have extreme internet speeds (900mb/s download and 250mb/s upload) on any location – also in China.
  • A convenient way to share your photos/videos regardless of which country you are in.
  • Keep a stream stable with channel bonding.
  • How to optimize ping & latency issues globally.
  • Have your own high-tier workstation with perfect internet for uploading almost instantly on any platform in a pocket-size format.


First, to have access to all of this, we need an internet connection with at least 15mb/s download. So there we should try to optimize your hardware to get the most out of the available internet connection.

1. Choose your device!

For our case, a normal smartphone would work – but it is a little inconvenient to operate a workstation from a smartphone. I recommend at least a tablet or a low-tier laptop. Android, Apple, and Windows work. Since the hardware doesn’t matter for our situation, I recommend a device with functional IO connectivity and battery life.

Here I recommend some devices which fulfill these requirements in a very cost-efficient way:

HP Stream series (optimized for internet connectivity):

Lenovo Yoga series (convenient to travel with, also check out the tablet)

GPD Laptop series (smallest devices! If you need it really small!)

2. Optimize your WLAN!

You should get an AC1200 USB stick. In most cases, this is much faster than any WLAN module inside a laptop and also has a higher range. I recommend not to choose a too cheap one. The antenna should be powerful, and most of the higher-end antennas have beamforming abilities, meaning they can focus the WLAN signal to get the most out of it. Even with the most badass integrated WLAN card, you will have more success with a powerful USB WLAN antenna that can catch the signal properly and give you the speed we need. In most cases, this should get us a download speed of about 15MB/s, even in very bad environments.

Look up these links to get it:

Make sure your WLAN stick has at least an AC1200 module and a large antenna! This should give you at least a 30% performance boost to integrated WLAN modules to reach the required speed.

3. Last resort: channel bonding!

On the mountain, it can sometimes be a bit inconvenient, but from my experiences, I never needed to take this last resort. If the country is still in development, channel bonding can be a real life-changer.

I am not a partner, nor am I sponsored, but the only VPN that is supporting channel bonding is Speedify. I still recommend VPNexpress service over Speedify, but in terms of channel bonding, it does the job! Channel bonding means you basically use the integrated WLAN card plus the USB WLAN stick to connect to two different internet sources – this can be expensive. Still, it will negate the package loss issue, and you will be able to have decent internet speed for working or even streaming. The two internet connections will be combined, and you will receive a faster internet overall.

If you have the choice – one fast internet connection is still better – and VPNexpress will deliver the faster VPN speeds in China – I tested it and can only confirm this.

4. Virtual Cloud Desktop with high-end graphic cards (like GTX1080 or higher)

Ok now we talked about the requirements – we get internet speed of at least 15mb/s – so what are we talking about exactly? Here comes the real game-changer for your Wudang travels:

We are talking about Virtual desktop machines – they are expensive if you take a glance at what is available. Amazon will ask for this over 100$ a month, and you still would not have the power to render a video properly on it.

The only option that gives you a GTX 1080 and a high-end computer for only 15$/month is Shadow PC. They are market-leading in the US, UK, and EU.

Visit Shadow PC over this link for the friend bonus:

With Shadow PC, we can successfully render on Adobe Premiere or other software 4k videos with ease and fantastic speed. Shadow is a virtual machine, so it will also unblock all websites that are blocked in China, and you will not be affected by lousy internet speeds in China if you want to upload your videos or photos on Youtube or other platforms. Shadow has direct access to high internet speed lanes and provides at least 900mb/s down and 250mb/s upload.

Ok Shadow is excellent and fantastic, but now we come to our next problem:

5. How to transfer files locally from my Laptop to Shadow PC

Since most services are blocked in China, google drive without a VPN is not an option. I had google drive before, and it was not as fast as the option I am about to tell you. It is possible to have a streaming drive that will upload automatically to the cloud regardless of filesize. Onedrive, dropbox, and so on are not optimized for large file sizes, so they are not really an option, and amazon cloud is expensive. We want cloud storage that we can access without a VPN to have the best upload speeds from our local internet connection.

Pcloud is optimized for enormous file sizes – like video files and only offers a one time fee – no monthly costs. The best deal is the 2tb lifetime deal! Check it out here!

I tested Pcloud myself, and I am very happily using it for most of my work and travels! It works in China and has excellent upload speeds for what I need. I use the cloud storage as a bridge to send these files to my Shadow PC. Once the data arrived on the cloud storage, the Shadow PC can instantly access the data because of its high internet speeds, and we can use it for rendering in Adobe premiere.

Workflow: record your videos during the day and upload it overnight – the next day, you are ready to work. Uploading the files is then the shortest part. In China, uploading is usually the most prominent issue, and with Shadow PC, you entirely go around that issue and upload it to Youtube almost instantly.

6. Improve ping and latency issues!

Shadow PC requires us to have 15mb/s and for an enjoyable experience around 40ms Ping. Due to the significant distance from China to a Shadow datacenter, there can be a lot of latency and ping issues. This is also why it is not recommended to work over a virtual machine over long distances. If you don’t want to go around this issue – shadow can still work as an uploading machine for you, but working on it will be inconvenient.

How we fix this issue:

We can use the fastest VPN available to bridge the distance between China and Shadow PC. There is only one option available actually because we need the fastest VPN we gonna choose VPNexpress. Check it out over the link for a bonus!

Balancing latency vs ping:

With VPNexpress, you can choose a location between Shadow Datacenter and China. The closer the location is to Shadow, the better your ping will be but with higher latency. Choose a location closer to China to improve latency but worsen your Ping. If the internet speed is fast enough, it should be better to place the VPN location closer to Shadow. But if the internet is borderline, it would improve your experience by placing the VPN closer to China. In this situation, you should experiment a little since there are many factors involved, but this is the general rule, and you should get the idea.

If the internet is good enough, you can choose TCP connection to improve your package loss. If the internet is borderline, you should select UDP connection; this will make your package loss higher but will keep your internet connection faster overall. There is simply more to it then a fast internet speed. To work properly, you should take all these factors in mind, and you should aim to get a stable and reliable connection instead of the fastest one for connecting with Shadow.


I hope this post was informative for you, and maybe this can be your new travel layout. I dislike carrying lots of hardware with me, and in countries still in development, this can make you feel more secure. A smartphone can also be used with the exact same setup – like mentioned before, and if you need a bigger screen, you can simply connect your smartphone to a TV over an HDMI cable; most smartphones have this functionality and work this way. All you need is an HDMI dongle for your smartphone, and you can work over the TV connected with a mouse and keyboard if you like that. For me, a small laptop felt the most convenient way to make use of this setup, but this doesn’t mean it has to be for you.

Pcloud, VPNexpress, and ShadowPC are the market-leading solutions for this specific workflow, and I hope this will help you as much as it did for me! Note that even if your internet connection is unstable and tends to disconnect – your uploads will be secure on Shadow PC and continue to upload. The virtual desktop will work even when you are not logged in!

Thank you for taking your time and check out one of these links!

Best regards

Master Ziji

Visit of the Wudang Commission 2019

Visit of the Wudang Commission 2019

The deputy director of the Chinese People’s Congress, Liu Xueqin, today visited our Wudang Academy. In addition, Deputy Director Li Huiping for Culture and Tourism from Shiyan also came.

As part of a cultural exchange, both sides have made an effort to make traveling to China easier. The aim of the meeting was to make new contacts and to discuss the future. As an official Wudang school, we try to keep the cultural barriers low and travel regularly to Wudangshan with the help of the Wudang Committee.

Master Ziji – Michael Weichhardt is teaching Ma Bu stance.

Master Ziji – Michael Weichhardt is teaching Ma Bu stance. Ziji – Michael Weichhardt is teaching Ma Bu stance.
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Qi Gong corrections in our academy

Qi Gong corrections in our academy Gong corrections in our academy
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Beginner Qigong class

Beginner Qigong class Qigong class
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Wudang Gong Fu soo good! Form is called Xuan Gong Quan Part 2

Wudang Gong Fu soo good! Form is called Xuan Gong Quan Part 2 Gong Fu soo good! Form is called Xuan Gong Quan Part 2
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Wudang Mountain Travel Guide

Wudang Mountain Travel Guide

Wudang Mountain, one of the most famous Taoism holy land, south to Shennongjia primitive forest, north to Danjiangkou Reservoir, locates in Danjiangkou, Shiyan City, Hubei Province. Wudang Mountain was listed as World’s Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, China National Scenic Area, the origin of Taoism and Wudang Boxing, reputed as everlasting fairy mountain. Ancient emperors praised Taoism in Wudang Mountain and reached a peak in Ming Dynasty. Emperor Yongle, the third emperor of Ming Dynasty, ordered the construction the Forbidden City in Beijing, and repaired temples on Wudang Mountain in the south. So, Wudang Mountain was regarded as imperial Taoism Mountain. In late Ming Dynasty, Taoist Sanfeng Zhang combined all of his acknowledge and practice to create Wudang Martial Arts.

Wudang Mountain consists of 72 hills, 36 rocks, 11 caves, 3 ponds, 9 springs, 10 pools, 9 wells, 10 stones, and 9 pavilions, highlights in Heavenly Pillar Peak Area (Tianzhu Peak), which includes Eighteen Bends, sightseeing of 72 peaks pointing to the Golden Summit, temples’ foldover, etc. It was estimated there were more than 500 temples and 20000 rooms on the mountain in Tang Dynasty. At present, we still can see well-preserved ancient buildings of 129 sections, chambers of 1182, exhibiting like a display on Chinese ancient architecture complex. Except for the old buildings, Wudang Mountain owns over 7400 pieces precious relics, especially Taoism relics.

Going up to the mountain, visitors can hike from the bottom to the Golden Summit. Enter the entrance, here comes to Yuxu Palace on the right, Xuanyue Gate and Yuzhen Palace on the left. Going up from the famous line there are Huilong Temple, Needle Grinding Well, Taishang Rock, Laojun Hall, Taizi Slope, and then to the Xiaoyao Valley. The next area comes to Zixiao Palace, Nanyan Palace, Yellow Dragon Cave, three sky gates, and last to the Golden Summit.

Xiaoyao Valley
Xiaoyao Valley

Xiaoyao Valley, the Macaque Valley, has all kinds of animals in the jungle. Sometimes, visitors may see the monkeys jumping into the river, picking up peaches, even asking visitors for food.

Nanyan Palace
Nanyan Palace

Nanyan Palace is one of the most important Taoist palaces on Wudang Mountain. Since the building of this palace in the 13th century, there had been some Taoist practicing in the palace. The palace is under the Duyang Rock, has existing two buildings and some well-preserved attractions, such as Tianyi Zhenqinggong Zhidian, Liangyi Palace, Guangjing Hall, Bafeng Pavilion, Dragon-Tiger Pavilion, Dabei Pavilion, and South Heavenly Gate.

Zixiao Palace
Zixiao Palace

Zixiao Palace, means Purple Cloud, a well-preserved ancient building complex, was built in 1413, under the Heavenly Pillar Peak, Wudang’s main peak. It’s the largest complex of the Wudang buildings, consisting total 29 buildings with an area of 6854 square meters. From the bottom of the compound, there are 860 buildings of different shapes of palaces, verandas, abstinence halls, pavilions, terraces, and towers.

Taizi Slope
Taizi Slope

Taizi Slope, means Prince Slope in Chinese, has another name of Fuzhen Temple. The temple was built on the Lion Peak, which is a steep slope in ninety degrees. So, the ancient buildings on the slope were considered as the classic masterpiece among the construction in the steep slope. The attractions are Huilong Temple, Chuan Yang Palace, Laojun Hall, Baxian Temple. The complex is large but stands for a long line along the road. So, transportation is convenient.

Golden Summit
Golden Summit

Golden Summit, standing on Heavenly Pillar Peak, is the highlight and symbol of Wudang Mountain. Looking distance from the summit in beautiful weather, panoramic landscape of Wudang Mountain is all in sight. The scenic spot of Golden Summit has Middle Temple, Yellow Dragon Cave, Chaotian Temple, three gates to Heaven, Taihe Palace, ancient bronze palaces, and so on. These ancient buildings are precious architecture in China history, witnesses the brilliant foundry technology and the wisdom of Chinese people.

TOP 15 Must Have Equipment and Gadgets for Your Wudang Travel

TOP 15 Must Have Equipment and Gadgets for Your Wudang Travel

After being in Wudang frequently I can tell you which gadgets and equipment are useful for your daily needs.

Let me present you:

The TOP 15 List for things you need but cannot buy in Wudang.

Must Have No.1

Ultranatura Mosquito Net Luna

The hanging solution for mosquito nets proved useful for the school apartments in Wudang. I simply needed a simple cord to attach this mosquito net over my bed.

Must Have No.2

Camping Light, LESHP Portable Ultra Bright 8800mAh Power Bank, IP65

This camping light proved extremely useful in the nights. I can just attach it to my pants or another part of clothing and find my way to the toilet – which is usually extremely pitch black. Since most Wudang schools are in the countryside, there is mostly no street illumination. Besides, this lamp is dust and water proof and has a nice big power bank for its size, and this makes it possible to illuminate a room for longer terms even when you have a power outage – which happens every time by the way during a thunderstorm.

Must Have No.3

ARCTIC Breeze Mobile – 92 mm USB-Ventilator

The Artic Breeze Mobile USB Fan is a cooling beast for its size! This fan is by far the strongest and most powerful USB fan I ever had, and the cool thing is that it is entirely compatible with the camping lamp above (power bank function) which has a full sized USB slot! I found this product extremely useful during my travel on the train from Beijing to Wudangshan. You should also consider that in the Summer you usually do not have ventilation in your apartment, and then you end up with buying a full sized ventilator in China anyway. The power of this fan is incredible, and for one person this USB fan is more than enough – skip your ventilator purchase in China and get this one instead.

Must Have No.4

Tatonka Barrel Roller, Black, 80 Liter

The Tatonka Barrel Roller, 80 Liter version, is the perfect solution for traveling by plane and train through China. Tatonka manufactures robust duffle bag designs on two wheels, roll it in the airport and carry it up the mountains! The two duffle bag holders can be used as backpack strings for easy carrying. This crossover solution of a trolley with two wheels and backpack is one of the only quality solutions on the market, even after checking through the airport multiple times the Tatonka Barrel Roller can withstand the hardships of airport workers and mountaineers.

Must Have No.5

LifeStraw® Go – Water Filter with Bottle

There are many mountain rivers and plenty of contaminated water in Wudang. If you want to make sure, you need to use a water filter. Lifestraw is a quality brand and can be trusted to protect you from viruses, germs, and bacteria. This water filter is a must buy for first timers in Wudang, since you are guaranteed to have diarrhea without it! First time I tough boiling the water is enough, but unfortunately, it isn’t! Do not fill this bottle with boiling water, first boil it and let it cool down before filling it in.

Must Have No.6

Anker Sound Core Mini Bluetooth Speaker

I use the Anker Sound Core mostly for my outdoor Vblogs and performances. I tested several from other brands and came to the solution that Anker provides the best full sound experience. Most mini speakers need to be placed in a corner to provide better sound, but this is not the case with the Anker Sound Core – place it anywhere you want and get consistent sound results. If you plan on making videos in Wudang with background music this is a must have!

Must Have No.7

Twin Blade Razor

In China you cannot find proper shaving utensils, do not attempt to buy a shaver in China they simply don’t work for a beard. However, you can find the old fashioned razor blades for a low price in any supermarket. The Twin Blade uses two razor blades at once and gives you a nice and smooth shaving experience without irritating your skin. There is no shaving foam in China, and this is why I want one swipe to be as efficient as possible.

Must Have No.7

US TRU Bush Hat Boonie

In the summer Wudang reaches up to 43 degrees (109,4 Fahrenheit), you will need a proper sun hat. This Boonie is authentic US Army quality and may last a lifetime, extremely durable and withstanding. There are two colors to choose! I have a 61cm head circumference which is large, and this hat fits perfectly in XL. Packaging is easy; the hat can be rolled and takes almost no space in your luggage.

Must Have No.8

Milool Travel Adapter

The Milool travel adapter is by far the top quality product if you want to be portable and compatible in China. I chose this because of the strong build quality and the additional two USB charging ports. Charge your phone, tablet, laptop or whatever over the USB connection while plugging in other devices. No edges or plugs are sticking out when packaged – making it my top choice for travel adapters.

Must Have No.9

Duco Polarizing Sport Sunglasses

It is very sunny in Wudangshan and I always needed polarizing sunglasses during the summer. It makes it easy to see when polarizing glasses eliminate the glare. I chose a classic design that even my girlfriend can wear. No matter what you do – this glasses always look cool! Full alloy metal frame and superior build quality – top choice!

Must Have No.10

Autan Protection Plus Pumpspray, 100 ml

If you are allergic or traveling with children or don’t want to risk an infection, you might want to carry one of these with you. The bestseller to prevent insect- or mosquito bites.

Must Have No.11

Salomon Speed Assault (46 EUR · 11 UK)
Salomon Speed Assault (44 2/3 EUR · 10 UK)
Salomon Speed Assault (Coyote), 42

The Salomon Speed Assault shoe is optimized for wet and muddy terrain, perfect for subtropical climates like Wudangshan. The shoe is waterproof, light and for hot weather conditions. I use this shoes myself and they never let me down, my feet were always dry and properly ventilated. The thing is you usually can’t find hiking shoes as light as the Salomon Speed Assault, they are the lightest fully functional hiking shoes in the world, which makes going up the mountains fairly easy. I can jump and run around all I want without getting tired as fast, the shoes have a very strong grip giving you a very secure feeling in the mud. The Salomon Speed Assault shoes are extremely limited; I only found these three sizes available!

Must Have No.12

5.11 Stryke Pant

If you are looking for durable pants with stretching material – you found it! The Stryke pants from 5.11 are the most comfortable survival pants in the market. These pants are functional for climbing and hiking, the material is super stretchable and highly elastic, there is also a Teflon layer protecting the material from dirt. You have plenty of space in your pockets for everything including your passport – no extra bag required for short town visits in Wudang!

Must Have No.13

Parachute Cord” / “Paracord 550”

There were plenty of moments where I needed my survival rope. With this, I montaged my mosquito net where I wanted and built furniture with bamboo with this cord. Most things in China can be fixed with this, and it became my universal tool for fixing things or montage things into position. I also hang my wet clothing on this cord for drying.

Must Have No.14

Salomon Evasion Cabrio Tempest Verdigrey

If you plan to go swimming in monkey valley – yes there is a beautiful mountain path on the left route that leads up to a clear river straight from the top, the perfect place for swimming! There are many other locations where you can swim, most of them are small mountain streams with very sharp cliffs and stones in the water. So you want protection for your feet. I used this shoes whenever we were going to swim with all students, while they laughed at me first – my advantage was soon clear. They have all sizes up to 47!

Must Have No.15

VAUDE Valdipino Poncho, Marine, XL

Wudang is a subtropical environment, so there will be plenty of rain while the climate remains hot. You need a light rain protection with small packaging size. This is where the Vaude Valdipino Poncho comes into play! The quality build is good for a surprising rain when you want to go up the mountain. The poncho is very comfortable, and you have a proper cap over your head. There are many sizes available!

I hope you enjoyed my little tour! All these products proofed very usefully during my stay in the Wudang Mountains!