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Discover the #mystery! . . Xuan Wu is one of the main principles of the #internalmartialarts of #wudangsanfengpai #kungfu. What the eyes have difficulty to behold, is best experienced by practicing the respective forms (Xuan Gong Quan I, II & III – Check Out our #wudangonlineschool). Xuan Wu in the form of the dark #turtle and the snake also represents the north in #chineseastronomy. As a deity, Xuan Wu, or “the dark… Read More

Mysterious Xuan Wu Taiji Jian (Sword) Gold & Silver

Traditional Taiji Jian properties with a prestigious Xuan Wu (Snake and Turtle) Symbol on the hilt. This sword stands for spiritual immortality and supports the hard working spirit who wields it. Rosewood Stainless steel Flexible blade