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After Tai Ji Quan, Ba Gua Zhang is the most famous style of internal martial arts in China. Ba = 8, Gua = oracle sign, trigram, Zhang = palm, open hand; Ba Gua Zhang, therefore, means “martial art of the 8 trigrams”. As in Tai Ji Quan, inner energy is also generated and cultivated here and the use of raw strength is dispensed with. Ba Gua Zhang consists of 8 “small” forms… Read More

Ba Duan Jin Qi Gong and Wu Xing Qi Gong are part of the basic routines of the Daoists in Wudang and are practiced daily into old age. Qi Gong promotes self-cultivation through coordination and control of posture, breathing, and energy flow. Qi Gong can be learned and carried out by anyone regardless of age and training status. The prerequisite for this is the instruction by an experienced and qualified teacher in… Read More

Exercise Taijiquan (Tai Chi), and horseback riding lessons in the mountain environment of the Ukrainian Carpathians. Our Gong Fu brother Otakar is holding a wonderful international Tai Chi event in the Carpathian Mountains – the European Version of the Wudang Mountains. The Carpathians are very similar looking with its round hills and tranquil scenery. Wonderful place – wilderness, mountains, horses, exercise, meditation. We will use the practice of perceiving movement and center… Read More

Master Ziji visits Shaolin Wahnam to teach the principles of Wudang art. The focus of this seminar is on the general understanding of the Wudang system and how it integrates Taiji into our daily and practical life. Program on 26th & 27th October The Wudang Taiji Seminar will be 10h. Divided into two days, the basic principles of Wudang Taiji are taught. The inner and outer forms are explained, practiced and improved…. Read More

Starting 24.08.2019

Salzburg Internal Arts Workshop Wahnam Wudang

We had two glorious days of sunshine during our workshop. The weather was excellent and we had summer temperatures with slightly cold breezes in the evening. Our German friends from Shaolin Wahnam also came visiting. The fundamental principles of Taiji drive the understanding of the internal arts and so the understanding of these principles stood in the foreground of this workshop.

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