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Hello everybody! Our seminar we had this weekend on 24-25th August is over and we did a lot of amazing things for you to share. Starting with Qi Gong Our seminar started on a beautiful Sunday with our usual Qi Gong routine! It was the five animals Qi Gong and Master Ziji took his time and explained the reason why we do Qi Gong and what Qi Gong changes within our bodies…. Read More

This was part of our seminar in August 2019, a full introduction to Wu Xing Qigong. Instructed by Master Ziji in English and German.

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Master Ziji is leading the Wu Xing Qi Gong class in our Wudang Academy in Vienna. There are clear explanations and instructions for each movement.

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Wudang Five Animals Qi Gong is an ancient Taoist exercise designed to improve one’s health and longevity. As the name implies, the movements of this exercise are based on the movements of five animals; dragon, tiger, leopard, snake, and the crane. Each animal movement improves the function of a particular internal organ. The dragon improves the kidneys, the tiger improves the lungs, the Leopard improves the liver, the snake improves the spleen,… Read More

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