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Wudang Academy


Our time in Wudang was over in an instant, at least that’s how it felt for all of us. Our travel back to Austria was very tiring, and that is why this post came out a bit later.

Wudang Travel 2017 – 19th Day – Post Office

We had many preparations to do for our departure on 28th. We were at the post office and sent our swords home which by the way was very expensive. We all have a performance tomorrow and need to sleep early.

Today we did not make many pictures but many new videos. In the evening it started to rain and we were unable to train properly.

Today on our free day we went to the highest point in Wudangshan – the Golden Peak! We made many pictures and videos today, enjoy the gallery!

Wudang Travel 2017 – 16th Day – Beijing Duck

After training, we went to town to buy green tea and eat traditional Beijing Duck. We met some people and did some trading in the city, as well as getting our handmade Taiji uniforms from the tailor.

Wudang Travel 2017 – 15th Day – Argentina Incoming

Today we had a group from Argentina coming to our school. Besides new friends, we focused on training!

Wudang Travel 2017 – 14th Day – Calligraphy

Training was as usual, and we learned many new things. Chen Shiyu showed us his Xianmenjian which we will record on Friday. At the evening he wrote beautiful calligraphy for us.

Most of our group finished learned their forms and continued with the traditional class training. The weather was rainy in the morning and quite cold for the rest of the day, giving us time to focus on our techniques.

Wudang Travel 2017 – 12th Day – Haircut

We went after training to town to get a new haircut. Today we could not make so many photos we were busy doing daily chores and keeping up with the training. In the evening all were very tired.

Traditional Wudang Training

Today our oldest Gongfu brother was busy teaching the young traditional class, split and basic exercises were mainly focused. We did a lot of Taiji form training and split practice and had a lot of fun with our younger Gongfu brothers.

During our free day, we decided to visit the Purple Cloud Temple and eat vegan Daoist food. Afterward, we made some nice pictures at the temple. At the evening we invited our older Gongfu brothers at the Jianguo Hotel.

After our training sessions today we went to a Karaoke bar and had some fun with our Gongfu brothers. Yuan Xiu Gang also came and sang with us!

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