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Wudang Travel 2017 – 8th Day – Taiji & Guqin

Shifu started a group Taiji 13 class today; we recorded the first of it on video, the second Taiji class was in the afternoon. During our practice, we had live Guqin music from Chen Shiyus Guqin teacher and Chen Shiyu himself. Funny fact: I caught Shifu explaining a Taiji movement to a student by pointing in his book at a picture of himself. You may also like Wudang Travel Group 2017 Wudang… Read More

Wudang Travel 2017 – 7th Day – Videos, Videos, Videos...

We had a beautiful day at school with lot’s of practice, right now we are halfway through with our forms. We also filmed Long Hua Quan from Master Chen Shiyu in the morning, and in the evening we recorded a Gongfu Cha Ceremony with English translation from our Gongfu brother Yuan Kai. You may also like Wudang Travel Group 2017 Wudang Travel 2017 – 6th Day – Taiji Principles Wudang Travel 2017… Read More

Master Chen Shiyu explained today the Wuji and Yin Yang relation and the essence of Wudang Taiji. We documented it on video, but we still lack a proper translator. Afterward, we went to town and had some thing to do at the tailor. We ordered swords at the swordsmith but still don’t know the prices; we will properly learn more in the following week. We also made a very nice video of… Read More

Wudang Travel Group 2017 5th Day (66 von 70)

Today we learned more movements; some still felt a little tired since the weather became very hot again. Our older Gongfu brothers are like a family and gave us very detailed instructions. I felt that the coach for Baguazhang has a different style with his movements and so we learned that he is a student from Grandmaster Zhong Yunlong. He promised to give us a Xuan Wu Quan performance before we travel… Read More

Today the climate is way cooler than yesterday, and so we recovered from the heat. We made some pictures from the training with our older Gongfu brothers. In the middle of the day suddenly a thunderstorm came and we had to stay in the training hall. You may also like Wudang Travel Group 2017 Wudang Travel 2017 – 6th Day – Taiji Principles Wudang Travel 2017 – Follow Us on Journi! Wudang… Read More

Wudang Travel 2017 - 3rd Day - Too Hot

Today is a free day, means no Gongfu training. Some went up to the mountains while some went to town. Our group is still not accustomed to the heat, and some underestimated the long term effects. That is why this day is lacking pictures. But we had a beautiful day still, and Chen Shiyu played the flute (Xiao) for us. Afterward, we had to sing our Austrian folk songs for Chen Shiyu… Read More

Chen Shiyu Morning Ceremony

Today we started our training, as some of us want to develop in a particular direction we all had different coaches. Before training we had a morning ceremony, reading the Daodejing. Chen Shiyu showed us a section of the Taiji 13 form during the training session. Our training consisted only of required basic movements; later our group will learn Baguazhang, Xingyiquan, Taiji13, and Xuanmenjian. After training, we went to town and ordered… Read More

Wudang Travel 2017 - 1st Day - Arrival

The Beginning We started our journey at Vienna airport, from there we were flying to Dubai and had to wait 4 hours to get our next flight to Beijing. Both flights were tiring due to the lack of sleep but the time went over really fast. As we arrived at 11 pm in Beijing, we slept 3 hours in the Three Legged Frog Hostel, from there we transferred to the next train… Read More

Wudang Travel 2017 - Follow Us on Journi!

Tomorrow we start our journey to Wudangshan, and we decided to start a Journi blog. For all who don’t know what Journi is: Journi is your travel journal and blog. It’s the easiest way to capture, share and relive your travel adventures. Discover other amazing Journis and get inspiration for your next trip. It works offline and is completely free. Journi is the fastest way for us to document our travel without much hassle…. Read More

Soon we are on our way to Wudangshan to visit Master Chen Shiyu at the Returning Dragon Temple. Our travel group consists of nine people who are mentally prepared for the best and worst. We start our little adventure at 5th August till 30th August, and we plan on documenting the whole trip. We plan to blog post daily during this trip and provide you with exceptional videos and photographs at #wudang travel… Read More

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