Finding the Heart of Wudang

Finding the Heart of Wudang

When we see the swallows fly over our houses, we instinctively find a little more freedom in our heart. They glide with such elegance in the air and dance with their partners high up in the sky. It is a sign, of having a sincere heart when such good things visualize before our eyes. We are the sender and receiver of what we sow.  We live for the modality of such transcendence; it is our human nature to seek the truth within.

Walking in the Wudang Mountains is similar to this modal logic; I may reach this top of the hill just to find another top which is much higher. Finally, I realize the importance of the valleys and the lowest level of virtue. Reaching high is not essentially more complicated than stepping in the lowest valley. Away from this three dimensions, all paths are the same when we ignore the distance I may enjoy the current moment without worries; I am on the way.

In nature, there is no such thing as elegance, only purity. We define elegance when we see purity. That is why we find Taiji movements elegant when they coordinate with nature. Coordination with nature can be referred as the balance between Yin and Yang. We feel the subtle definition between those extremes, the path of tranquility; this is referred as silk thread balancing along this indescribable condition of eternity. When truth crystallizes, we find straight lines in-between; walking the path of our human nature.

We all strive for the eternal condition, yet we start living at birth and die old. What we realize is that the location called Wudang might be the very definition of life experience. When you focus, you may change the outside subconsciously. The so called immortality is like a rain drop, the acceleration to earth is not defined by itself but defined by nature. When we see the moment to become eternal, we gain immortality in an instant, but at the same time, we strive for improvement and change. We are inferior to nature and living is always a tolerance between absolutes.

It is foolish to say to enjoy each breath, but breathing is the way of human life. It is comfortable to breathe, and it differs from each location and situation. At this very moment, we grab the source of power and become apparent in our consciousness. It makes us able to define the Yang power.

I am conscious that is the pure awareness of my intuition, so I am living intentional with each breath and subconsciously live in harmony with nature.

wuwei lizard

The essence of Daoism is untough of all necessities and stares at the one truth from which all things are created. Wudang will not appear to you as beautiful but as a complete view of the fundamentals. During our practice, we strive sincerely to achieve and fail. Failing is as important as achieving to learn the value of the answer.  Achieving our goal is a given opportunity from heaven to learn our low place, we were already finished with our ideas and are satisfied, yet the whole thing is far from complete.

Ironically, I understand the behavior of the Dao, and this is why we all follow our subconsciousness. That no matter what appearance might reveal in front of you, Wudang is a way of the heart, inscribed in the very soul. I have only gained opportunities, so there is nothing to lose, that is how rich the Dao is based on the fundamentals of nature. Practice sincerely with your whole heart, do not accept half-heartily the half truth, when we put in our effort we receive the message of our behavior, only you are the judge if that is a lost or new opportunity. Correcting the balance of our world is what is desperately needed to achieve harmony with others. The way of Wudang knows no compromise or other definition, then accepting the whole being – the whole self, and embrace the whole with all that’s good and bad. The bad is a reliever of misery pointing out what is missing, and the good is a way to move forward but would not be known without the opposite.

No matter where you are, live Wudang in your heart and practice to become aware of each moment, gain the whole truth and realize what is important to you. Define yourself and give guidance to those who need it. That is the way of the Dao and the only message that will continue to reach through generations and enrich everyone with the wisdom of nature – the principle of Wuwei.

Sincerely your Master Ziji