How Zhan Zhuang Improves Your Taiji

How Zhan Zhuang Improves Your Taiji

As recently discussed in this post, Zhan Zhuang is an important pillar in internal martial arts. But what skills does Zhan Zhuang actually bring to Taiji practitioners? We want to go into that today.

Feel and recognize Yin and Yang

Through the continuous practice of Zhan Zhuang, we become aware of areas of tension. Like others train for more strength, we train Zhan Zhuang on the way of relaxation. Constant standing means no change for body and mind, but something will change constantly in this exercise with untrained students. It is about accepting situations and perceiving the state. When the body is calm and controlled, the focus should be on the mind next, otherwise, the mind will always find something to deal with. In the state of absolute calmness, we will really experience the states of Yin and Yang. Therefore, a connection to the extreme can be made next.

Yin and Yang in Taijiquan

In Taiji, yin and yang move, it is like the balance is held in two glasses so that none of them drips over. The movement out of balance is the direction to harmony. When someone can keep a close focus on Yin and Yang, the body and mind are in control of the movement. Taiji is thus controlled at the extremes and harmonized therefrom, which is an important basic understanding for self-cultivation.

The Immortal Powers of Zhan Zhuang

The Immortal Powers of Zhan Zhuang

Master Yuan Xiu Gang leading a Zhan Zhuang class:

What is Zhan Zhuang?

Zhan Zhuang is one of the most important pillars in the inner martial art of Wudang. This exercise is a relaxed standing with open arms and shoulders. In Wudang, it is one of the Qi Gong exercises that everyone should do every day.

Why do we stand?

For beginners, Zhan Zhuang is important to feel the tension in the body and to become more relaxed. For advanced users, Zhan Zhuang is important to be able to control the flow of energy. It is also the only exercise that builds up Qi effectively.


Zhan Zhuang has a positive effect on the entire body. The reason for this is breath control and relaxed standing, which calm the brain waves. This significantly reduces stress and the body can concentrate on the stimulation and circulation of blood and oxygen and thus also on qi.

How to practice:

The body requires a certain basic condition, but also a strong mind, to make progress with Zhan Zhuang. It is recommended to exercise at the same place and at the same time every day to avoid further internal conflicts. The duration between 15 and 60 minutes is recommended. Under 15 minutes, Zhan Zhuang is not effective because our brain needs time to adapt to the exercise.

Master Yuan Xiu Gang in Vienna

Master Yuan Xiu Gang in Vienna

Our seminar with master Yuan Xiu Gang finished with great success and deeper understanding of the Wudang doctrines. The tradition is important for achieving success and improvement in life.

Yuan Xiu Gang about the relation between master and students

Master Yuan Xiu Gang explained his experience with Wudang Gong Fu and why self-improvement is important.

You can check all upcoming classes from the seminar in our online tutorial section under the following tag:

Here are pictures of the seminar:

The Invisible Mother – Dao De Jing Chapter 6

The Invisible Mother – Dao De Jing Chapter 6

Dao De Jing, chapter 6

谷神不死 是謂玄牝

“The valley spirit does not die, it is called the invisible mother.”

玄牝之門 是謂天地根

“The gate of the invisible mother is the root of heaven and earth.”

綿綿若存 用之不勤

“Formless but appears to exist, use it and it never depletes.”

Master Yuan Xiu Gang explains:

In September 2019 we have a seminar with Yuan Xiu Gang in Vienna! Register if you want to learn more about Daoism!

The Windbox – Dao De Jing Chapter 5

The Windbox – Dao De Jing Chapter 5

Our school interviewed Master Yuan Xiu Gang about complex topics of the Dao De Jing and other Daoist doctrines. Before we show you the video we want to clarify a few things:

  • The philosophical explanation of the Daoist text is pointless without practice. It is a life philosophy and therefore people should live inspired by the Daoist doctrines.
  • The context of the Dao De Jing is always an interpretation, it is easier to follow the practice of your master.
  • There are many versions of the Dao De Jing in Chinese and to clearly speak of it is perhaps not possible. English translations are even further away from the context and this is one of the reasons why the interview is solely in Chinese.

The Interview

We held the interview completely in Chinese and then constructed a translation with our translator who is a native speaker and Coach in our academy and follower of the Daoist doctrines for many years. If one does not understand the historical and philosophical background or does not practice self-cultivation, then even for Chinese native speakers it is not possible to fully comprehend the context.

Therefore we can say that together with the participation of our professional group we can hereby present you the clip with the most accurate possible translation and interpretation from our Daoist Grandmaster Yuan Xiu Gang.

Dao De Jing, chapter 5

天地之間 其猶橐籥乎

“Between heaven and earth, is like the bellow of a wind box.”

虛而不屈 動則愈出

“Empty yet does not collapse, the more it is moved, the more it comes out.”

多言數窮 不如守中

“Speaking too much leads to calamities. Better to just hold the center.”

This concludes the answer to the first question! Read more Dao De Jing Chapters in our forum here!

Master Yuan Xiu Gang Explains The Concept of Dao and Daoist Practice

Master Yuan Xiu Gang Explains The Concept of Dao and Daoist Practice

This is a video from David’s Youtube channel. David travels to China regularly and documents his training experiences and adventures. If he can keep up with the training as a man over 50, you can too! Let his Kung Fu journey help to inspire you and improve your life!

The Daoist Concept in Practice

Now let us watch his video:

There are many hurdles to overcome, especially when you start older. The body is very stiff in the beginning and the training process can be painful.

The Dao should be practical

Many people over confuse this topic but the Dao should be simplified to make its deep principles reality. From simple things, many things can come. Looking at yourself and improve gradually without any magical tricks and following the simple way of the master will help you to achieve your goal.

We don’t use the muscles! We use tendons!

This will help improve circulation and help your energy. Your body becomes more efficient in dealing with difficult situations, this way the body consumes less oxygen and can output more power in a relaxed way without hurting yourself. Accept the training with your heart and like it, instead of fighting yourself always.

Master Yuan Xiu Gang is giving a seminar on 20th September 2019 in our school in Vienna! if you are interested in meeting Master Yuan Xiu Gang hurry up and register!