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As recently discussed in this post, Zhan Zhuang is an important pillar in internal martial arts. But what skills does Zhan Zhuang actually bring to Taiji practitioners? We want to go into that today. Feel and recognize Yin and Yang Through the continuous practice of Zhan Zhuang, we become aware of areas of tension. Like others train for more strength, we train Zhan Zhuang on the way of relaxation. Constant standing means… Read More

Master Yuan Xiu Gang leading a Zhan Zhuang class: What is Zhan Zhuang? Zhan Zhuang is one of the most important pillars in the inner martial art of Wudang. This exercise is a relaxed standing with open arms and shoulders. In Wudang, it is one of the Qi Gong exercises that everyone should do every day. Why do we stand? For beginners, Zhan Zhuang is important to feel the tension in the… Read More

Master Yuan Xiu Gang explains Zhan Zhuang - standing Qigong practice.

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Got frogs? . In our Wudang Academy Vienna we train basics regularly. Frog jumps is a wonderful conditioning and strength exercise for legs and core. By continuous strain and not allowing the legs to extend we create a intense oxygen deficit, building metabolic endurance and preparing ourselves for form training, low Taiji stances and advanced exercises such as Ma Bu Zhan Zhuang. . First-timers are encouraged to finish at least 20 rounds… Read More

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