Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan

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Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan Full Form Crash Course

Master Ziji quickly explains each Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan step from different angles. The video is 56 minutes long and is a full class about the Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan movements. The video is aimed at people who learned the form already but need corrections or simply want to double check!

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Wudang Tai Yi Wu Xing Quan

Wudang martial arts on Wudang Mountain today are a compilation of remnant bits and pieces from around China. One of the boxing methods considered pure and representative of the Wudang System is known as Taiyi Wuxingquan. Taiyi Wuxing Quan Taiyi Wuxing Quan (太乙五行拳) or in its full name  “Wudang Taiyi Qin Pu 23 Postures” (武当太乙擒扑二十三势) or Liangyi Quan (两仪拳), this […]