Taming the Tiger - Wu Dang Fu Hu Quan

Taming the Tiger – Wu Dang Fu Hu Quan

Fu Hu Quan

Wudang Fu Hu Quan is the fight against the tiger. In the practical sense, this means against a tiger = someone who is stronger to fight and try to play this strength in combat.

Skill and speed

Not to deviate from the opponent and still be mobile in all directions is a fine art in a duel. Fu Hu Quan builds on all other areas to overcome the strength, the attacks are fast and direct, but controlled from all sides and directions. Relaxation is important to ensure your own oxygen balance.


Fu Hu Quan is one of the simpler forms for advanced learners and is therefore learned as the first form after basic training. Some Wudang schools claim that it is a “rare” form, this may be because practitioners are still in the beginning with their abilities. Fu Hu Quan is the “mainstream” form par excellence, every student in San Feng Pai should be able to understand and comprehend this form in order to defend themselves. The Taiji principles should be adhered to in order to save energy.


In order to learn Fu Hu Quan well, the entire basic education must be trained as well as possible. Postures like Xie Bu and Ma Bu are very important to keep Fu Hu Quan controlled and quiet. Beginners who rush their training cannot keep the same height and wiggle their knees. Anyone who can finally relax in the postures also manages to incorporate the explosive power of relaxation in the attacks.

Recommendations for Basic Kung Fu training:

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