That’s Why Good Chinese Tea Is Not In Your Supermarket

In our country we see many different kinds of tea, also from China but how come they can be so cheap when proper Chinese tea is often higher priced in China?

Once you have been in China, you taste the difference in tea and wonder why you cannot get this in your country.

Green Tea Farm Wudang

The answer is quite simple:

If companies would import proper Chinese tea the prices would dramatically skyrocket, you can expect much higher prices than in our store. Example: When you go to Huangshan and buy green tea locally from the farm (seen in the picture above) then you would pay between 3 to 5 USD for 50 grams of green tea. For companies to make this profitable, you would most likely find this tea for around 15-20 USD in the supermarket.

How we do it:

Our store works with the minimum margin possible to provide you with high-quality tea. We are not a big company which has to run on employees or rental fees; instead, we are cooperating locally with the supplier (the farmer) to give you fewer price impacts.

The difference:

Good quality tea is free from impurities, less bitter and naturally very aromatic. The leaves are undamaged and whole. Often you hear from toxic tea from China in foreign countries; the main reason is that the cheapest tea is often shipped to foreign countries.Chinese people fear impure tea and would not buy teas from the most inferior segments.

Chinese tea in foreign countries is often the cheapest of the cheapest and therefore no wonder when the tea is not healthy. Chinese people would not buy these cheap teas and because of that, they ship it to foreign countries.

Green Tea Farm Wudang

Authentic quality:

We have Chinese teas from middle- and high-quality grades for an unbeatable price. We sell teas which are highly regarded by Chinese people. Some of our tea products are considered the best in the world and give foreigners an opportunity to get this kind of superior quality.

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Green Tea Farm Wudang

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