The Advanced Internal Arts Workshop in Salzburg

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The Advanced Internal Arts Workshop in Salzburg

It was great!

This weekend we finished our advanced internal arts seminar! Read below what happened…

We had two glorious days of sunshine during our workshop. The weather was excellent and we had summer temperatures with slightly cold breezes in the evening. Our German friends from Shaolin Wahnam also came visiting. The fundamental principles of Taiji drive the understanding of the internal arts and so the understanding of these principles stood in the foreground of this workshop.

Master Ziji Qigong in Salzburg

The understanding of the internal arts

When we talk about Yin and Yang, we talk about practical opposites, these are power and relaxation. Together Yin and Yang are coordinated with our breathing into one direction, from there we need a turning motion originating from the Dantian to ensure a stable direction of Power. Everything is powered by our breathing and every direction can be created from Wuji – emptiness.

The upbuilding of Yang and building up Yin comes as their symbolic meaning suggests – Yang by building up tension and Yin by losing it. This transition is always present and is essential for the coordination in Taiji.

Below a few pictures of our workshop:

Our Wudang Academy wishes everyone a lot of progress in your practice and the motivation to never give up.

Sincerely Master Ziji

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