The Beginning of Tai Chi Sword and the Major Impacts!

Tai Chi is something most people have already heard of, yet it is still, for most, a mystery. But, on the other hand, Tai Chi Sword is an additional extension of ourselves that involves principles of internal martial arts. So, what are the benefits, and how can we develop the Tai Chi sword? Most of these questions I will try to answer in this post!

The foundation of Wudang Tai Chi

It is essential to understand how internal coordination affects and connects external movement. With a sword, this becomes much more complicated than what we are used to. The sword is a very versatile tool for internal and external movements. The principles are the same but we have additional elements which are totally new for beginners, let us point them out:

The sword hand!

The sword hand looks like an ancient Indian mudra; for the Chinese, the sword hand is the guiding hand for the sword. So basically, the sword hand is the element that balances out all sword movements. We could say that the sword hand shows the direction of power and the direction of energy.

The grip on the sword

Often overlooked is the correct grip on the sword! The thumb and the pointing finger should be relaxed, and the remaining three fingers hold the hilt very tightly. The grip should be close to the guard and is therefore close to the gravity center of the sword.

Rythm and coordination

The sword is an extension of ourselves, and therefore it can feel strange initially. If suddenly a “body part” is longer than the other, we need to compensate and understand our power direction and balance. Moreover, the sword can cut, block, counter and pierce. Therefore, we must understand its functionals mechanically and practically adapt to its functions.The inspiring part of the Tai Chi sword is the mastery and knowledge you get from the training. Our focus mentally and physically is not limited to just our body. The energy can travel further. Once we start learning weapons, we step into a whole new world of understanding.

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