The Beginning of the Journey

The Beginning of the Journey

Without knowing what is behind the mountains, the expectation of finding a new higher mountain is high. This is the reason for hiking, whoever understands this will enjoy it.

The beginning for every Daoist is the direct focus on the goal. You only really learn what interests you, so the goal should get interesting. If we have health problems that we want to deal with, then we are interested in them and not looking for alternatives. If we want to improve more, it is good to be interested and enjoy what can be improved next.

Sometimes it is not possible to take a straight path to climb the mountain. Instead, we look for a suitable path and keep getting closer to the top. Those who are not lazy will be rewarded.

Constant Awareness

When the river flows into a lake, the water suddenly becomes very quiet because it was very loud. In old mountain lakes you hardly hear anything, it is almost unnaturally quiet. Because of the eternal force that acts on this place, the water comes to rest. It is only a matter of time before water creates a place where absolute calm reigns.

Time accelerates for the flow and thus the attention is reduced. Time doesn’t seem to matter in front of the calm lake. Like water in a lake, our attention can develop when the flow of breath calms down.

From the Void to Endless Things

The seasons in the mountains are unpredictable. Only the locals can tell if it will rain today. It is an awareness of all living beings that live with the nature of the mountains. Precisely because the mountains are full of contrasts, every living finding its center. Hence, we can achieve any form of awareness we want as long as we remain in our nature.

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  1. Guqin is the great tool to achieve peace .

    I found few aspects of Tao and Te while reading Lau Tzu book….nature, leadership.consciousness, organisation, and wu wei.
    Those were good for me to start and find an interesting paths.

    When we March daily, road is easier and more refreshing than we think.

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