The Concept of Mabu (Horsestance)

The Concept of Mabu (Horsestance)

During the first time, students learn the positions with us, it can create confusion about how to do everything correctly. It is best not to rush and always keep an eye on your own position. Master Ziji explains to us today exactly where to look and what goals the further Mabu training for advanced students includes.

We also recommend that you watch the video below if you want to start over with us. This is the best way to begin your journey to Wudang School.

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  1. how does the horse stance contribute to stability? What happens if there’s a push or pull from front or back?

    • Mabu is the most stable position – if you stand correctly you can hardly be pushed or pulled from outside forces. Look up the first video on how to stand correctly.

  2. Excellent video, very inspiring. Also very true about the image we have of ourselves compared to our real self. I was filming myself in Mabu the other day and I was quite surprised to notice that my head was tilted forward and out of alignment with the spine, among other things. But now I have accepted that I do make these faults and so I can work on eliminating them.

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