The Correct Method of the Wudang School

After the young swallow has tried dozens of times to fly out of the nest, personal success over the unknown happens on an intuitive basis. The fresh wind that comes mostly from the west due to the warm sunrise (east) is just a harbinger of fate awaiting the swallow. Nature demands an order in which a natural process can take place.

The Teachings of Wudang Art


The absolute emptiness, the nothing from which everything can arise. If you have nothing, you can not lose anything. Who is calm, can only be restless. The possibilities are unlimited for those who control the rest. The Daoists often tell of the “Monkey Mind” because the chaotic and power-driven thinking of a monkey (the natural sequence of thoughts) severely limits the possibilities of the monkey. Think back to the source and sharpen our intuition by listening to what we really want to do inside.

Direction – Way – Power

Those who have nothing to lose can only win. The more we identify with ourselves, the clearer our thought processes become, and thus the path of our self-realization. The most important thing before we use energy (strength) is the right direction. Where do we see each other and what do we imagine? All we have to do is find the way to implement it – find the way and then gather the strength to implement our dreams.

Taiji – Yin und Yang

The theory consists of the building blocks of yin and yang. We need both to take our self into our own hands. Those who have never been busy realizing their dreams can hardly remain calm. Taiji is a practice-oriented exercise to clarify the natural process. We are no exception here – none of us.

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With gratitude as deep as the calmness of the lake, we extend our sincerest appreciation for your support. As you journey with us on this path of wisdom and serenity, we wish for you to absorb the essence of our teachings, and let it invigorate your spirit, just as the morning sun brings life to the waking world. Let’s continue our practice with joy in our hearts and calmness in our minds.