The Difference Between Our and Other Wudang Schools

The Difference Between Our and Other Wudang Schools

There are some things about our academy that I would like to clarify.

  1. We are an official school of the San Feng Pai line. That means we have the full support of Wu Dang San Feng Pai in China.
  2. Our content is 100% identical to what you can learn in Wudang. The quality speaks for itself and many students come to us from abroad to learn.
  3. Wudang school means that the school comes from Wudang, any other school named “Wudang” should additionally indicate the appropriate line to understand the definitive origin. Different Wudang schools can belong to different lines and thus completely different in content and topic.
  4. We are supported by the WAFF for professional professions. If you come from the healthcare industry, you should seek advice directly from the WAFF!
  5. My main goal as a master of this academy is to promote Wudang in China and teach the authentic teachings in the West. For me, the San Feng Pai traditions are in the foreground, distortions or simplifications are not accepted by my side.
  6. Every student is responsible for the success of this academy. Training and education are designed to work together and promote mutual inspiration. “Entertainment program” does not take place, everyone is responsible for themselves, to work on themselves and to progress together as a group.
  7. Incorrect attitude, physical posture or wrong technique will be corrected immediately. The Daoist ideal of the training tradition is in the foreground.
  8. The common cause is everything to strengthen the training success efficiently. Every student, trainer or master serves the cause to convey the values ​​and skills of San Feng Pai.
  9. Our members are called upon to think and act in the best possible way based on the teachings taught in our school. Since everything is based on practical application, everyone can decide for themselves.
  10. The teachings of our Wudang school are based on classical Chinese medicine and many other Taoist principles: “Bagua Doctrine, Xing Yi Method, Tai Yi Principles, Taiji Principles, etc …”
  11. Our school does not do any therapy but wants to follow the Daoist ideal that everyone can help themselves out of their own power.
  12. The lessons in our academy follow a training plan that includes each member psychologically as well as physiologically.

Thanks for the attention! In a time when everyone is already a “professional tai chi teacher”, it is difficult to find out where to learn the original matter. At the moment there is a living generation * of San Feng Pai in Austria. Over the next few decades, this wealth of experience would be lost if we did not put much emphasis on our family tradition. Pupils come and go, eventually, they become masters, families get bigger and adults get children, but the path of the people is the way that works and thus the preservation of tradition is the most important thing.

  • A living generation is something that can grow through the right purpose. In a natural way, this understanding also develops in the West.

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