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The Effective Qi Gong Routines of Wudang Sanfengpai

Qi Gong in this modern age has many shapes and forms, and if you go down the street and ask people about Qi Gong, they will reply that they already know Qi Gong and that it is not for them; they like Tai Chi better, say most…

The most common Qi Gong forms in the Sanfeng lineage are Ba Duan Jin and Wu Xing Qi Gong (Eight Brocades and Five Animals). They both have different focus points but together, they improve the body as a whole.

What is the general difference in our Qi Gong?

In the western world, Qi Gong is often perceived as relaxing and seen as a wellness method. However, traditionally Qi Gong is here to make one stronger, and as the name suggests (Breathing Power Exercise), it trains and improves the body’s physical and mental capabilities.

The Qi Gong of the Sanfeng lineage certainly teaches someone to relax, but the method itself is more likely to be described as a “change”, because without effort; the improvement will not come by itself.

In the end, the answer is quick and easy, you may practice wellness Qi Gong for 50 years without much improvement in your life quality, but you can come two times to our Qi Gong and immediately feel the difference in your body. In the end, if you cultivate yourself over the years with our Qi Gong, the effects make things possible that were impossible before.

How do I start?

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