The Great Harmony Event with Master Chen Shiyu

The Great Harmony Event with Master Chen Shiyu

The oldest treasure of the Wudang Mountains is the Great Harmony Form, also called Tai He Quan! Master Chen Shiyu is representing the Wudang Tai He Quan this year in August the 15th.

You can still register and participate in this seminar!

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Chen ShiyuMaster Chen Shiyu and the Wudang tradition

In a secluded village called Hui Long Guan (Returning Dragon Temple) Master Chen Shiyu is living the ancient Wudang traditions after the San Feng Pai lineage. Daoist music, calligraphy, chanting, Gong Fu, Tai Ji, Qi Gong is all part of his schedule. Preserving and living the culture is what you can learn here!

Meeting Master Chen Shiyu in Vienna

Master Ziji is inviting Master Chen Shiyu this year in August to teach the Tai He Quan in this 5-day seminar. This seminar is a once in a lifetime opportunity for foreigners to meet Master Chen Shiyu in person without traveling to Wudangshan. The International Wudang Academy in Vienna is hosting this event and will ensure the translations and communication between Master Chen Shiyu and the seminar participants.

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