The Great Wudang Travel on 2nd May 2019

The Great Wudang Travel on 2nd May 2019

Hello everybody!

Since our last Wudang travel during autumn 2018 was a great success with many participants, our Wudang academy is planning to start a new journey with a slightly different approach. Since our primary mission is to support Wudang culture as much as possible, we want you to decide to which school you want to go.

We will start off as a large group from Vienna flying to Beijing airport, from there we plan to travel by train to Wudangshan.

You can check out the details of this trip here!

Which school is for you?

Both schools feature entirely different environments and training methods, besides that both of them are very traditional.

When will we start the travel?

We are planning to fly on 2nd of May 2019!

How long will we stay?

Both groups can stay up to 29th of May; we plan to be back in Vienna on 31st May.


Both groups will meet up at the Beijing airport, from there we will travel together to the Wudangshan train station. Both schools will provide pick-up cars for us, and we will be transported in two groups to our destination. If the group is too large for car transport (like last time), we will only transport our luggage to the school and travel there by public bus. In the second case, we will appoint a group leader for each group who is familiar with the environment.

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