The Hidden Heart of Daoism in Wudangshan

The Hidden Heart of Daoism in Wudangshan

Between all of the politics and competitions, deep in the valleys of the Wudang mountains is the last refuge. The purpose is to live in the mountains and practice the internal arts. Deep in the Yiren valley is a circle of seekers and believers of the truth.


Practicing in the quietness of nature to find the essence of the Dao. The Yiren valley does not want strangers or visitors, it is a location for friends. The only way to visit is by personal invitation. The mountain path is very steep and thus the valley remains hidden from outsiders.

The owner of the location is Liang Yue (written like full moon) or her English name: “Julia”. The location is very inconvenient for older or weaker people and the delivery of oil and other basic supplies is hard work. Some of the food is directly produced in the valley though. It is completely off the grid with no close route to a street or any kind of civilization.


The valley has room for not more than 10 students, those who are of a positive heart are welcome and can regularly visit. All the content of the San Feng Pai is instructed, as well as Gujin, Xiao flute, and Daoist medicine.

We are not allowed to tell you more details about this place. But it is nice to see that Daoism slowly regains its feet back on the Wudang mountains.


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