The Invisible Mother – Dao De Jing Chapter 6

The Invisible Mother – Dao De Jing Chapter 6

Dao De Jing, chapter 6

谷神不死 是謂玄牝

“The valley spirit does not die, it is called the invisible mother.”

玄牝之門 是謂天地根

“The gate of the invisible mother is the root of heaven and earth.”

綿綿若存 用之不勤

“Formless but appears to exist, use it and it never depletes.”

Master Yuan Xiu Gang explains:

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  1. Hi. Thanks for your YouTube videos.
    Question about Wuxing Qigong standing Hand Position – You say the ring fingers connect (Triple Heater) but Master Yuan Xiu Gang (on original website) says that Middle finger is used (Pericardium). This would mean that Th & Pc are connected & they are the paired organs. Can you clarify please?
    Thank you.

    • Hello!
      First of all, I find it sad why you do not ask me why we do it like this.
      I cannot speak for different instructions and classes – but in our class, the finger position is for breathing and preserving energy.
      There are many possibilities.

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