The Modern-Day Taoist And The Hardships

The Modern-Day Taoist And The Hardships

The following content in this video is about a very important topic for every student in my school – also including my students who are committed to training online via our platform.

First of all, we are trying to structure the difficulties of modern life.
Laozi states that we should enjoy things and let them pass like we do not care. We have to understand that nature is about change, and there is no everlasting. The only rule beyond nature is the realm of heaven.

I am very grateful to my online student Sina who pointed out these difficulties. He agreed that I could show his video below:

Thank you. Sina for your effort in pointing all this out, I believe everyone can benefit from it, and we should always be able to get back to our path, focus our efforts, and accomplish our life.

Below is my video response for you to watch:

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  1. Very elegantly stated to attain such as forever and practicing such discipline and when you get off a regimen it’s so hard to get back onto it. I have been so impressed with the 13 steps of the last video recently here in 2021 and want to come back to my style that I had obtained at 62 years old. Wudang inspires me over here in America

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