The Problem of Sore Muscles After Training

It is sad to see people stop practicing once their body feels tired. The real training starts after the first time to transform the body to be more elastic and resistant, but this process cannot even start if you give up.

What are sore muscles?

During our training, we put a strain on our muscle fibers, and this leads to muscle irritation and results in swelling.

The wrong solution is to do nothing!

When you have sore muscles further training is necessary, the biggest mistake for beginners is to stop practicing. Don’t misunderstand; we don’t mean to destroy yourself by increasing your exercise intensity, instead keep the intensity that led you to sore muscles in the first place.

You felt that the training was too intense because your muscles cannot handle it yet, the natural process is to never give up and keep trying.

More stretching than ever!

During sore muscles, it is critical to stretch multiple times during the day. The natural reflex of sore muscles is to cramp, become hard and protect the muscle fibers with mucilage. This mucilage is what you feel and see as swelling. The natural process here is completely normal and will restore your physical condition similar to where it was before the training, cause it is considered the normal state.
If you want to improve (that’s basically what training is for) you need to signal your body that this new state is now the normal one, the improved workload on your physical body should not be signaled as an out of the ordinary situation.

Keep your training schedule to reduce strain on your body!

In our Wudang Academy, I observe every student carefully and give them an individual training program to improve their condition. This situation is very depending on the trainer, but the principle is to stay on your training schedule to make it easier on your body. If you give up and stop training till your sore muscles are repaired, you will start from the beginning and put more workload on your body again than it can handle.

Once over the hill, the body can adapt, and you can concentrate on your training!

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