The professional Tai Chi School in Vienna

The professional Tai Chi School in Vienna

Recognizing and using Tai Chi in a practical sense takes years. In order to achieve this, the method must be the right one. So if you look deeper into the matter, the following things are noticeable:

What “Hobby Schools” Can Never Offer

Tai Chi is nested in the movement and never seen from outside as what it is. The European misconception that a Tai Chi lesson is a form of relaxing entertainment is thanks to the marketing schools in Europe.

Relaxation must be learned because our everyday life consists of exhausting activities and we were conditioned to maximize performance. The consequences are burnout and many other health problems. But this is the content that you read on many other websites of Tai Chi schools as well because it is the absolute mainstream that is perceived by consumerism.

The Facts

Self-recognition is key to controlling relaxation, allowing you to relax in a controlled manner, saving strength and energy and preventing further tension. Taiji practitioners in our academy learn to treat themselves with Taiji preventively. It does not need to be practiced for 20 years to feel the effect, it is much more important to be able to understand the method and apply it yourself. Therefore, it needs a “master” – someone who masters what is on the many websites. Although many say the lesson was great, after a month at the latest, really dramatic changes in body and mind should be noticed. Taiji is a way of life of self-perception and self-recognition, not only can Taiji be used in every day-to-day life but it also works for a self in every situation. We have to cope with all situations in everyday life, and the shower of water splashing sound and incense sticks is just that kind of entertainment program that distracts from the very self and thus the Taiji principles. Taiji is trained in every situation and needs to be controlled in a natural way regardless of time and space.

Learn Tai Chi Properly

I am often told that posture and breathing are neglected in other schools. Without these two components, however, Taiji can never be perceived. It is surprising that a practice is swept under the table. Taiji is not an easy thing, but it is clear that not everyone is good at playing the piano, in Taiji, most people seem to agree that they can do Taiji well. Just like playing the piano, there is a lot of practice and effort behind it to develop appropriate skills that will benefit you all your life.

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