The Six Thieves

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The Six Thieves

The mind tends towards stillness but it is opposed by craving

See no visual enticements and smell no fragrance 
Concentrate and cultivate original nature sincerely 
When the realms are empty ithout a trace of any existence
When nothing is orn and nothing dies your life will lengthen

If you do not stop craving the spirit ill depart
When the spirit departs the six thieves will disturb the heart and Tan-t’ien
When the heart and tan-t’ien are disturbed then the body has no guide 
Reincarnation in the six existences will always be in front of you
The light of the spirit shines through the night of samsara
The commoner and the sage both come from the same family
Stop all cravings and the pristine is like clouds that cover the sky

Can you tell me more about the nature of the 6 thieves and the Tenn weaknesses pleace sir

 thank you sir

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