The Three Pillars of Internal Wudang Martial Arts

The Three Pillars of Internal Wudang Martial Arts

There are three main doctrines that help progress in the internal arts. We reach mastery when we train all three categories. The doctrines are structured and should prevent confusion in the Wudang martial arts or esoteric approaches which lead away from the main path.

Posture – 步法 Bù Fǎ

Ma Bu Posture

The position and physical orientation of the body is the key to efficient relaxation and muscle tension as well as to the control of gravity. The basic Gong Fu doctrines consist of the Ji Ben Gong – basic exercises as well as the basic positions. Emphasizing a strong posture is important as students begin Wudang martial arts.

Usually one should start with Ji Ben Quan practice to improve in the basic postures.

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Internal Movements – 身法 Shēn Fǎ

Once the posture is stable, the student can gain power in the movements by controlling internal motions rooted over the Dantian. It is required that one acquires good enough flexibility for the basic postures in Ji Ben Quan. The internal movements in Wudang require flexible joints, elastic tendons, and relaxation.

Internal movements are rooted in the posture and lead the intention in one direction.

Rhythm Control – 節奏 Jié Zòu

The coordination between yin and yang, strength and relaxation as well as the breathing determine the rhythm control. The rhythm control can be done in both a consistent and irregular pattern. Everything is depending on controlling the factors which lead to efficiency in the internal practice. The learning of rhythm control must be corrected and taught by a master and is in an online class incomprehensible.

Learning from an authentic master

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The next seminar plan for the upcoming year will be published at the end of October.

Also, watch the video about the three pillars:

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