The Three Spirits of Daoism

LaoTzu is the initiator of the school of Daoism, his Tao Te Ching marks the peak of ancient Chinese phylosophy. Nowadays, let’s take a review of this book,only by making use of the knowledge of LaoTzu , can we repossess a mind of refreshness.
The “refreshness” of LaoTzu is best described with three words, they are: mildness, quietness and inertia. Those three words are the core of the whole life’s practice. If one is able to fulfill the three words in one’s deeds,one can not only stay in his poised and calm manner but also achieve better effects in health-preserving.
Mildness—The ultra mildness conquers the strong
Mildness is the top talisman of LaoTzu.Mildness is weighed a lot in Tao Te Ching, in which water,baby and the female are highly prized by LaoTzu mainly because he recognized the power of mildness.
Mildness is the liveliness of baby, the softness of water, the beauty of female. The mildness of life comes in the first place: “the strong tend to be destroyed ,the mild is prone to live longer.” Mankind is the same as plants, tender when alive,stiff when dead.
Mildness is not only the characteristic of life but a sort of “great power”. Laotzu said there’s nothing more tender than water, but it is water that can break the hardesrt into ashes.
Quietness—Quietness wins over noise in heart
It’ll take long to purify a cup of turbid water,you will get a cup of pure water until the sand and mud subside onto the bottom of the container.
Only in quiet condition can cup of water be clearer and more reflective, so it is for our hearts, only when we quiet our heart can we be the master of our own life, can we take a seat and have a taste of true life. Inertia is the prerequisite of quietness.
Quietness is the cure for anxiety and nervousness. When a quiet person compares with a anxious person, he must be more advantageous over the latter. For quietness makes one think more comprehensively and more deeply.
Inertia—Movements gradually arise
In the 39th chapter of Tao De Ching, there’s two lines: “Who can make the muddy water clear?Let it be still ,and it will be gradually clear.Who can secure the condition of the rest?Let movement go on and the condition of the rest will gradually arise.( 孰能浊以静之徐清?孰能以动之徐生)”those words describe the still and the alive, the two Chinese character of “xu(徐)”means inertia. These are what reflecting the intelligence of LaoTzu.
Let movement go on and the condition of the rest will gradually arise. This is the principle of how we live in the world.
Daoism requires people to stay calm ,do not be anxious and nervous, thus leading a life of calmness. Calmness is a virtue that is especially asked for in this age.
In this society, almost every participant craves for money and time, for whatever reason they are all chasing money and fame. And this phenomemon is far from what we require in Daoism.

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