The Truth That Everyone is Looking For!

The Truth That Everyone is Looking For!

It is a peculiarity of man to search for things that, on the contrary, contain what he wants to achieve. Those looking for relaxation get lost in the origins of cramping. Those looking for enlightenment get lost in the dark. Those who want to eat healthy, ignore what the body wants. It is, as Laozi says, the truth is nested within and contained on the contrary.

The Path of Inevitability

In contrast to the heavenly beings of Taoism, man, who lives according to his nature, is forever bound to the sequences, the ups, and downs, of this nature. This path is characterized by the tolerance of the inevitable, it is the path that shows us our purpose: to be in harmony with ourselves.

The Endless Expanse of Our Consciousness

The view of the ocean shows us an endless horizon, just like our impression of our reality. We get lost in our perception, it is important to understand that what we feel is just a horizon that denies us the view of the other shore. The origin of the cosmos is a little smaller, because everything originates from nothing, and as through a bellows, everything grows up from an early age. When we understand our outward presence, we perceive things from a centered inner point.


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With gratitude as deep as the calmness of the lake, we extend our sincerest appreciation for your support. As you journey with us on this path of wisdom and serenity, we wish for you to absorb the essence of our teachings, and let it invigorate your spirit, just as the morning sun brings life to the waking world. Let’s continue our practice with joy in our hearts and calmness in our minds.