The Ultimate Guide to Daoist Health Cultivation

The Ultimate Guide to Daoist Health Cultivation

In the Daoist understanding, everything is interconnected. The five elements interact with each other and thus the cycle of creation and the cycle of destruction appear.

Our existence arises like the mountains, which are shaped by environmental influences.

Drawing of Huilingguan

Symptoms and prevention

Wudang Master Chen Shiyu Baduanjin

In the West, people are treated very simply because it is basically always about treating acute symptoms. If the condition is not acute, then it is better to deal with your own body. Daoist personal body hygiene is important to staying healthy and strong inside and out. But in the West, there is still the habit of responding to symptoms.

Self-cultivation and health prevention

Prevention is probably the wrong word for Daoists because they seek self-cultivation, and health is always above the status quo. When you realize that your own path is wrong and your health is deteriorating, it is time to do something. The best way to do this is to not focus on the symptoms but to find and follow the whole path. Since everything in your body is connected, the healthy parts will make up for the injured parts, and along the way, you will heal the injured parts faster, too.

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