The Way of Wudang Meditation

The Way of Wudang Meditation

Connecting With The Tao

Stillness is the root of the Tao. Meditation is the key practice for internal transformation. In stillness, we allow the regeneration of the Jing, Qi and Shen – essence, energy and spirit.
In meditation, we bring the mind into single threaded thought and allow the natural process of internal cultivation to progress. In seated meditation we cage the monkey and tie up the wild horses, bringing both body and mind into the clear and quiet space which supports the regeneration of the Three Treasures of the Body, allowing healing, rejuvenation, transformation so that we can move through the stages from ordinary mortal to extraordinary human, immortal on earth and, eventually, immortal in heaven.

Sit, either in a chair or better, cross legged with the hips comfortably supported. The spine should be straight and unsupported. Place the hands on the knees with the thumbs folded in the palms and the fingers wrapped around the thumbs. Place the tip of the tongue on the roof of the mouth just behind the teeth. Lower your eyelids; women may close the eyes, men keep a slip of light showing through and focus the eyes towards the tip of the nose. Turn the internal gaze gently to the Dantian in the center of the belly. As you inhale gently, contract the belly and as you exhale allow the belly to expand gently. See and not see. Withdraw the senses from the external world and simply be an observer, a companion to the Dantian.

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From stillness comes motion. With time a sensation will arise in the Dantian as the Qi begins to move. Remain the observer, do not engage the mind, the awareness, or the emotions and allow the Qi to move naturally.

With stillness, internal transformations begin to manifest. The three treasures of the Tao: Jing, Qi, and Shen are cultivated. In the first stage Jing is built up until it is mature and Jing transmutes to Qi, then, when the Qi is mature, it transmutes to Shen, then Shen returns to the Void and the Void to the Tao. With each stage of internal transmutation, external changes manifest as well as the body first heals itself, rejuvenates and finally becomes immortal.

It is required that we have a physical body to do internal cultivation and we must both create a “supersonic jet” or superior physical body, as well as to cultivate the very best pilot to achieve immortality. Because of the variations in both physiology and energetic structures between men and women, there are differences in their internal alchemy practices. For example, where men’s initial focus is in the lower Dantian, women focus on the middle Dantian.

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  1. I am curious about the differences in male and female practitioners, with the suggestion that women close the eyes and men leave them slightly open; also the suggestion that women focus on the middle dantian and men on the xia dantian. Can you kindly explain why for each of these instances ? Thank you for sharing your valuable wisdom. Please give my best regards to Master Yuan. I trained there with him several years ago and hope to return later this summer…blessings

    • Given its Yin nature and proximity to the Earth, the Lower Dantian itself is considered a center of consciousness. This consciousness is more physical and kinesthetic than the consciousness of the Middle or Upper Dantian.

      In ancient China, the Middle Dantian was considered the primary location for women to focus on during meditation (the men were to focus on their Lower Dantian). The ancient Daoists believed that it was harmful to a woman to focus on her Lower Dantian for extended periods of time, especially during menses. In The Treatise of Spiritual Alchemy for Women, the Lower Dantian was considered to be an area for the woman to focus on only in the beginning stages of her practice. After completing the fusion of the Microcosmic and Macrocosmic Orbit meditations, a woman would then focus her attention on the Middle Dantian, located at the center of her sternum. As the collected energy in her Middle Dantian overflows, it moves into her breasts, causing her nipples to become erect, and opening “one hundred energy channels within her body.”

      The Middle Dantian is also considered the “house” of emotional (empathic) feeling, communication, and awareness. Emotional communication is experienced as empathy within the Heart.

      – Back to your question about the eyes, it is a similar reason: half closed eyes keep your awareness rooted which is important for men – if they would focus on feeling they have trouble to calm the monkey mind.

      – As women are emotional due to their nature, they close their eyes to accumulate their energies. At least, so it was believed in ancient China.

  2. This is great. I have never had any instruction into meditating and I may begin to practice this. Wudang culture is very interesting to me right now and this may be a good starting point for me. If I can find it in my area, I will begin Tai Chi.

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